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I read the Niemoeller Book in Mexico City in 1977 and I found this article in it.

I wrote a note when Niemoeller died.

Note about Niemoeller
See similar John F. Kennedy note, and this note on JFK, Ted Kennedy, and John Lennon

Each book has the date in the back when I finished it along with the place I read it. This one happens to be The Divine Wind.

Thirty-three titles here. The Bantam War Series: My Mom's book on WWII, Women Pilots of World War II by her, Jean Hascall Cole; and the top right is I Was in Hell with Niemoeller.
OOPS! There are TWO Vietnam War books in there--and two copies of one of them. Darn.

One is by Audie Murphy, TO HELL AND BACK. The movie was made after it. Here's something that has a
personal connection of sorts:

Audy Murphy was famous for mowing down something like 50 Germans with his machine gun. His friend was leaning on me to take his seminar on song-writing. Mr. Murphy apparently wrote songs with this cat:
Birth name Graham Morrison Turnbull
Also known as Scotty Turner
Born August 23, 1931
Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada
Died February 9, 2009 (aged 77)
Cobleskill, New York, United States
Occupation(s) Composer, record producer, musician, publisher
Instruments Keyboards, guitar, trombone, vocals

Click to view these two:
Scott Turner and Audie Murphydy Murphy2.jpg

Scott Turner and Audy Murphy.jpg


Book about WWII Story of a Secret State b.jpg

Book about WWII Story of a Secret State book plate.jpg

This bookplate has the name of Albert M. Johnson . There was a very famous man, an eccentric rich guy, with that name the M being Mussey. He died four years after the publication of the book. Not much chance it's him.

Book about WWII Story of a Secret State date read.jpg

Book about WWII Story of a Secret State insert a.jpg

Book about WWII Story of a Secret State.jpg

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