Green Green Beer Barrel of Home

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As promised I have been working on my new project, a new album called HOT CLUB OF POLKA. I used up a lot of good material on your all's favorite eight-minute Pale Ale Polka which needs a revamping because I'm improving slowly. (I don't do any real vamping in it.) I have never played this new style live. I'm not sure it's ready for prime time, but it's a lot of fun.

What IS a polka? Sure beats me, but I recognize them when I hear them. Duple meter, is it? Wikipedia just calls it "a lively form of music.." I make most of mine up myself from scratch.

One thing I've discovered is that you can change key in the middle of a polka. Practically any old key will do just to mix things up and just come back blazing away in the key you started in and no one will care. You'll hear this in this "piece" when I liven things up by flying into the key of G just before the Beer Barrel polka part.

This new living room recording is entitled Green Green Beer Barrel of Home because I start with the old country tune "Green Green Grass of Home" and suddenly I am polka possessed and end things with the Beer Barrel Polka.