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Dear Dean,

I hope I have reached the correct party; if not, disregard.

Attached are pictures of the book A Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs on whose flyleaf is the name H.D. Buxton dated 9/25/40. This is just my copy of the book that I bought somewhere here in Arizona to add to my collection of Edgar Rice Burroughs novels.

I Googled H.D. Buxton and found: Born in Oklahoma, USA on 11 Dec 1909 to John William Buxton and Mertie Bell Shoupman. He passed away on 19 Nov 1982 in Maricopa, Arizona, USA.

So I guess this is your granddad?

I realize that you likely have more important family documents than this, but thought you might be interested anyway. 

I hope the two attachments are all right. If you can't open them, please advise.


Tom Cole

Hello Mr Cole, 

That absolutely was my grandpa. I recognize the handwriting as if it were my own. Grandpa HD loved to read. He died when I was a child but I still have memories of him sitting in his recliner chair next to the lamp with a book in his hand. I remember as a kid that he read the entire encyclopedia each time he got a new set. He was a person of very modest income but what little he had for luxuries were books and a model train in his garage. At least, from the eyes of child, that was my view. 

Thank so much for sending the scan of the book cover. Sometimes when people pass the most important we have is not the books they left behind but the memories of spending time together with them. Your letter has reminded me today of those memories. 

Thank you again, 

Dean Buxton