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Hello Tom,

Marion Edwards Shouse was two people:  my maternal grandmother and  her daughter, my maternal aunt. I am guessing that because the date of the signature is 1931, and the book is ostensibly a childrens' book, that it was my aunt's, though she would have been 16 at that date.  Cuthbert Train Jr was my oldest brother.

Many thanks for your reaching out,

David Thomas-Train

Hi Tom,
As a person interested in history, I really appreciate you reaching out to Cuff's family.  I have forwarded your email to his children and youngest brother so I am hopeful you will hear back from his family.
Best wishes, Anne

On Thu, 2 Oct 2014 01:16:12 +0000, Thomas Cole <> wrote:
Dear Anne,

If Iíve reached the wrong party, please disregard.

I have been trying to email family members of Cuthbert Train Jr. simply because I have an old book with the bookplate of Marion Edwards Shouse in it.

I thought perhaps the family would like to see a photo of the book, her bookplate, and writing inside dated 1931.

I looked online and I don't know whether this Marion Edwards Shouse was the senior one who was married to the politician Jouett or her daughter. I think there were two with the same name.

Online in his obituary, I saw that you were friends with Cuthbert Train and I thought you might know  and could pass along the photos to the family.

I'm sure they have better family documents, but they might be interested. I live in Arizona and so the book has traveled a ways. I got it a long time ago.

Here's my personal webpage with the book photos. 

As I looked things up and learned about this fascinating family I became more and more curious about who owned my book (One of my favorite Tarzan novels.) but mostly I thought the family might like to take a look at the book and bookplate.

Here are the pictures:

If you could kindly respond, I'd be most appreciative.


Tom Cole

Shouse Clipping.jpg

Shouse info1.jpg

Shouse info2.jpg

Shouse info3.jpg

Shouse info4.jpg

San Mateo Times November 11, 1932