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I met you after my sister's talk at Changing Hands. If my memory is right, you told me that your sister was Mr. Bruce Kick's wife, and I told you I had written about him.

I've translated the very short chapter of my book with references to Mr. Kick from Spanish to English in hopes that your sister might like to read something that happened to have been written about her husband. The title of the chapter is also the title of the book because "Memory of Amnesia" seemed such a great name for a memoir.

I am currently looking up other people from the past about whose relatives I have written in my memoirs. I intend to send them those parts that might be of interest to them.

I put the story on a web page of mine: kick2.html  (Case sensitive) In the document, the English doesn't read as well as I'd like owing to the fact that my Spanish style probably isn't that great and the English version is a translation, but it's all right. The English version is just after the Spanish.

I hope I remember correctly that your sister was Mr. Kick's wife. If not, please disregard this.


Tom Cole