Dear Mr. Nilsen,     June 13, 2016

I enjoyed one of your articles and kept it for almost 30 years now. I have been archiving many things on my website for fun and I thought you might like to look at your article again--though you may have your own copy.

Best wishes,
Tom Cole

From Nilsen September 27, 2017
I am sorry, I just now found your note. Facebook doesn't do a very good job of letting me know about messages from outside my "friends" circle. Thank you for your kind words. Much appreciated. I miss writing for the paper, but if I had stayed, I would probably have been laid off by now. Art coverage? Who needs a stinkin' arts coverage. Thank goodness you still have Kerry Lengel.

I reply the same day.
Funny; I'm playing guitar in a jazz ensemble and the trumpet player not too long ago said I ought to see a cowboy art exhibit somewhere. I said, "I just wrote about cowboy art. You see there was this article written in the Republic thirty years ago and..." "You mean the Nilsen article," he said. It seems the article had some staying power indeed. I have some friends who like Kerry Lengel I think. Here's the writing I did on your article. My hobby is writing memoirs in Spanish and English. I do it for fun. Attached is chapter 15 of my latest. Thanks for responding.

Thanks. Love your article, love seeing my ancient words in Spanish. Muchas gracias. And, I am astounded and gratified that anyone remembers anything I wrote 30 years ago. I never would have thought it. (By the way, do you know I was hanged in effigy -- in a cartoon -- in Western Horseman magazine for that article. Made me proud.

Proud--as well you should be!