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August 17, 2015

Dr. William Paterson
2940 E Banner Gateway Dr. #200
Gilbert, Arizona 85234

Dear Dr. Paterson:

Enclosed please find my letter to Dr. Scott Siebel. It outlines the complaint I am making against him.

I've heard that this kind of professional misconduct sometimes happens when the overly religious in a hospital make a move to proselytize when a patient is sick or badly injured and doesn't have quite their usual strength to resist the imposition.

I think you should know what is going on when Dr. Siebel finds himself alone with one of your patients just before surgery.


Tom Cole

cc: Scott Siebel

August 17, 2015

Dr. Scott Siebel
Chandler Anesthesia Consultants
Re: ACCT #C14.41813 and Surgery
July 10, 2015 at Mercy Gilbert Hospital
PO Box 1847
Gilbert, AZ 85299

Dear Dr. Siebel:

Your practice of asking patients to participate in religious activity is unethical. I say this assuming that I'm not the only one you have attempted to get to pray with you.

You had no right to ask me to join you in 'a short prayer' just minutes before my major surgery. You know nothing of my religious affiliation and I am not a member of your church.

I know precious few people who would want to bow down and pray with you, a total stranger.

Yes, I'm sure some of your patients may reluctantly and unhappily acquiesce to your strange and unsettling prayer requests knowing that in only minutes you will literally have their lives in your hands. But their acquiescence is due only to the clear coerciveness of the situation which you as an anesthesiologist can take advantage of.

I was there as a patient to receive services from a surgeon, Dr. William Paterson, and his anesthesiologist'not to be your prayer partner.

I refused to pray with you even though I risked having an anesthesiologist that was miffed by my rebuke or crestfallen at being denied his customary pre-surgery prayer. Such a doctor might be just a little off his game and I certainly didn't want that. For that reason alone, it was clearly unethical of you to put me in that position.

Mercy Gilbert and Chandler Anesthesia Consultants I feel have inadvertently let me down.

Dr. Siebel, your superiors need to know that you are taking advantage of sick and injured patients (whose religious affiliations you know absolutely nothing about) by attempting to impose your own personal devotional practices upon them. Such conduct, such willful proselytizing, is simply unacceptable anywhere.

I do not wish to have a reply from you. I do, however, wish to hear from your employers, Mercy Gilbert Hospital, Chandler Regional Medical Center, and Chandler Anesthesia Consultants. I would like to know that others will not be asked to participate in their anesthesiologist's religious activities as I was and that proper remedial and disciplinary measures will be taken to ensure that such unethical, self-serving practices will cease.


Tom Cole

cc: William Paterson, Tim Bricker, Karen Byrnes, Marcia Bolks, Terry Ambus, Arizona Medical Board

Both Siebel's employer and the hospital found against him and he has been instructed to cease this practice immediately.