Naoko Matsubara

Scroll down. Below these recent emails is a photo of the letter Naoko Matsubara sent to my parents before she came to visit in 1968. She gave them a book of her woodcuts that illustrated a story of whaling in Nantucket.
From: Thomas Cole <>
Subject: Letter Written by Naoko Matsubara
Date: August 11, 2013 7:13:27 PM MST
To: "" <>

Dear Art Gallery,
I wanted to contact Naoko Matsubara because I have a copy of a letter she wrote to my parents in 1968. She stayed with my family in Arizona for a few days back then. I just thought she might find this letter interesting. She gave my parents a copy of a book she had illustrated and I still have it.

The letter is at

If you could kindly send that link to her along with my email address I would be most appreciative. I would love to hear if she remembers my parents and their friend the artist Leo Ryan.

My email is

Yours truly,

Tom Cole

From: Naoko Matsubara

Subject: thank you
Date: August 13, 2013 8:34:29 AM MST
To: <>

Dear Tom,

What a good letter you sent me. Yes, I remember your parents and the lovely desert your father took me. My goodness, I was young then.
I am still doing lots of work and have shows here and Japan. Please let me know about you and your parents.

warm regards,