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Rock Wren,12/30/1971,Pima Canyon

Headlight Pond    12/30/1971    No Notes Entered
Phoenix Zoo    12/30/1971    No Notes Entered
Pima Canyon    12/30/1971    Date approximate: "Before the New Year, we went to the zoo and saw many birds. Out at headlight pond I saw many coots and one common galinule.""Also we went to South Mountain and saw a rock wren."

Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,9/20/1987,Pima Canyon,I call them blue-grays but I'm sure I'm wrong. It's in the yellow journal.

Pima Canyon    9/20/1987    I call them blue-grays, but I'm sure I'm wrong. It's in the yellow journal.

Generic No Bird,11/22/1987,Pima Canyon

Pima Canyon    11/22/1987    From a yellow journal notebook. It's 12/2010 now and I just discovered this no bird trip. NOTES SAY: Larry and Steve and I went up Pima Canyon. We took a different hike. Real nice. Then we had tacos at El Taquito. NO BIRDS WERE RECORDED IN THE NOTEBOOK.

Generic No Bird,01/29/1990,Pima Canyon,Mom and Dad and I went to South Mountain.  The road to Pima Canyon was blocked off.  I found a scorpion and also found some mistletoe seeds stuck to a mesquite tree.  Steve and Sherry met us at El Taquito.  We drank a couple of beers.  

Pima Canyon    01/29/1990    Mom and Dad and I went to South Mountain.  The road to Pima Canyon was blocked off.  I found a scorpion and also found some mistletoe seeds stuck to a mesquite tree.  Steve and Sherry met us at El Taquito.  We drank a couple of beers.  

Generic No Bird,08/27/1995,Pima Canyon

Pima Canyon    08/27/1995    Steve and I went to Pima Canyon and Hiked the whole thing.  We talked to some mounted sheriffs who didn't like the mountain bikes at all either.  The scenery is spectacular and there is not a single bottle cap out there.

Generic No Bird,05/29/1997,Pima Canyon,from the journal

Pima Canyon    05/29/1997    Yesterday Steven and I went to South Mountain and hiked for a long long time. It was 106° out and I drank my whole gallon of water. We went also two other times out there. The first time down the wash and back before we even reached the stone houses and the second time to the stone houses and back on the road. Yesterday we went WAY up there and it was really hot.

Generic No Bird,08/24/1997,Pima Canyon,Date not exact but with a day or two I think.

Pima Canyon    08/24/1997    Sally came here with Christopher and Kate. We went to South Mountain and hiked clean up in there. It was hot, but we brought enough water -- barely -- to survive. We went to different places. Mostly to Peter Piper Pizza and like that.

Generic No Bird,12/30/1997,Pima Canyon

Pima Canyon    12/30/1997    December 30, 1997

Anna's Hummingbird,1/8/1998,Pima Canyon,It was chittering a lot.
Canyon Wren,1/8/1998,Pima Canyon,Zipping in and out of rocks.
Curve-billed Thrasher,1/8/1998,Pima Canyon,Really working on the ground with chunks of peat moss-looking junk. Orange eye. Also on a saguaro. Steve and I.
Phainopepla,1/8/1998,Pima Canyon

Pima Canyon    1/8/1998    Steve and I. YOU KNOW I THINK THIS IS JANUARY 11TH!

Anna's Hummingbird,1/11/1998,Pima Canyon
Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,1/11/1998,Pima Canyon
Canyon Wren,1/11/1998,Pima Canyon,Seen not heard. It darted in and out of rock cracks and bushes.
Curve-billed Thrasher,1/11/1998,Pima Canyon,Thrashing towhee-like in twigs on the ground. another seen doing the same. another atop a saguaro.
Phainopepla,1/11/1998,Pima Canyon

Pima Canyon    1/11/1998    jackrabbit
Elliot and Cooper Roads    11/11/1998    No Notes Entered

Anna's Hummingbird,4/26/1998,Pima Canyon
Ash-throated Flycatcher,4/26/1998,Pima Canyon,TWICE we saw this. The song helped with the identification. Nice Bird. Very nice.
Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,4/26/1998,Pima Canyon
Black-throated Sparrow,4/26/1998,Pima Canyon,Saw these on several occasions.
Cactus Wren,4/26/1998,Pima Canyon
Canyon Wren,4/26/1998,Pima Canyon,We SAW a lot of these rather than just heard them. They were perching on rocks like Meadowlarks on posts and singing. They have one to three buzzes after each song.
Common Raven,4/26/1998,Pima Canyon,Lots of these. Sonny said they rolled like pigeons. They were flying over the canyons and hills.
Curve-billed Thrasher,4/26/1998,Pima Canyon,I also put in Bendire's thrasher because one of the CB thrashers was hanging out with a straight-billed lemon-eyed thrasher. I read later that the immature CB thrasher shares these characteristings with the CB so out he goes! Sonny and Steve and I went . We walked clear up to fat man's pass and we walked there for about five hours. Came back on the Mormon Trail. It started raining and thundering and the rain was quite cold. It stopped and we were warm again.
European Starling,4/26/1998,Pima Canyon
Gila Woodpecker,4/26/1998,Pima Canyon,Saw them in Saguaro burrows. Male and female. Saw them maybe three times.
Great-tailed Grackle,4/26/1998,Pima Canyon
House Finch,4/26/1998,Pima Canyon
House Sparrow,4/26/1998,Pima Canyon
Mourning Dove,4/26/1998,Pima Canyon
Northern Mockingbird,4/26/1998,Pima Canyon,Lots of these.
Rock Wren,4/26/1998,Pima Canyon
Rufous-crowned Sparrow,4/26/1998,Pima Canyon,Saw these more than once.
Turkey Vulture,4/26/1998,Pima Canyon
Verdin,4/26/1998,Pima Canyon,Learning its call better now.
White-throated Swift,4/26/1998,Pima Canyon,Oh what a sight these were. And they chittered. At least two. Two? I wonder what my notes mean.
White-winged Dove,4/26/1998,Pima Canyon

Pima Canyon    4/26/1998    Sonny and Steve and I went. We walked clear up to fat man's pass and we walked there for about five hours. Came back on the Mormon Trail. It started raining and thundering and the rain was quite cold. It stopped and we were warm again. ----- well, it's years later and i wanted to add that this was the time (if I remember correctly) that I had the newist Swift audubons and had to wrap them in plastic of some kind to protect them from the rain.

Anna's Hummingbird,5/17/1998,Pima Canyon
Ash-throated Flycatcher,5/17/1998,Pima Canyon
Black-headed Grosbeak,5/17/1998,Pima Canyon
Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,5/17/1998,Pima Canyon
Black-throated Sparrow,5/17/1998,Pima Canyon
Cactus Wren,5/17/1998,Pima Canyon
Canyon Wren,5/17/1998,Pima Canyon
Common Raven,5/17/1998,Pima Canyon
Gambel's Quail,5/17/1998,Pima Canyon
Gila Woodpecker,5/17/1998,Pima Canyon
House Finch,5/17/1998,Pima Canyon
House Sparrow,5/17/1998,Pima Canyon
Mourning Dove,5/17/1998,Pima Canyon
Northern Flicker,5/17/1998,Pima Canyon
Northern Mockingbird,5/17/1998,Pima Canyon
Phainopepla,5/17/1998,Pima Canyon
Red-tailed Hawk,5/17/1998,Pima Canyon
Turkey Vulture,5/17/1998,Pima Canyon
White-throated Swift,5/17/1998,Pima Canyon
White-winged Dove,5/17/1998,Pima Canyon

Pima Canyon    5/17/1998    No Notes Entered

Anna's Hummingbird,6/14/1998,Pima Canyon
Ash-throated Flycatcher,6/14/1998,Pima Canyon
Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,6/14/1998,Pima Canyon
Brown-headed Cowbird,6/14/1998,Pima Canyon
Cactus Wren,6/14/1998,Pima Canyon
Canyon Wren,6/14/1998,Pima Canyon
Curve-billed Thrasher,6/14/1998,Pima Canyon
Gambel's Quail,6/14/1998,Pima Canyon
Gila Woodpecker,6/14/1998,Pima Canyon
Loggerhead Shrike,6/14/1998,Pima Canyon
Red-tailed Hawk,6/14/1998,Pima Canyon
Turkey Vulture,6/14/1998,Pima Canyon
White-throated Swift,6/14/1998,Pima Canyon
White-winged Dove,6/14/1998,Pima Canyon

2125 North Villas Lane    6/14/1998    Wendy and I saw this exotic bird at 6:30 AM out back. It flew by.
Pima Canyon    6/14/1998    June 17, 1998 Last weekend Wendy and Lacey came here. We had lunch at Serrano's with dad and everyone. Wendy and steve and I cleaned Dad's house. Lacey likes the xfiles so we surfed the net. We all went on sunday to Pima Canyon, but it was too hot for wendy and lacey. We walked a long way, though and saw some sights and some birds. We ate at tianguis. We ate tacos and goofed off there.

Black-throated Sparrow,10/04/1998,Pima Canyon,saw these
White-crowned Sparrow,10/04/1998,Pima Canyon,"Saw white-crowned sparrows which I haven't seen for a while."

Pima Canyon    10/04/1998    October 4, 1998 Sunday -- Went to Eliud Valdes's funeral today. In the morning Steve and Sonny and I went to Pima Canyon and rode bikes. I bought a new bike yesterday for 99 bucks. Took it to Gallagher's yesterday and the system worked well. I can go to the saloon and not get a DUI, but it's more dangerous riding the bike home. At Pima Canyon, I saw black throated sparrows and also the first white crowned sparrows that I haven't seen for a while.

Black-throated Sparrow,11/15/1998,Pima Canyon
Cactus Wren,11/15/1998,Pima Canyon
Canyon Wren,11/15/1998,Pima Canyon
Costa's Hummingbird,11/15/1998,Pima Canyon
Curve-billed Thrasher,11/15/1998,Pima Canyon
Gambel's Quail,11/15/1998,Pima Canyon
Gila Woodpecker,11/15/1998,Pima Canyon
House Finch,11/15/1998,Pima Canyon
Phainopepla,11/15/1998,Pima Canyon
Red-tailed Hawk,11/15/1998,Pima Canyon
Ruby-crowned Kinglet,11/15/1998,Pima Canyon
White-crowned Sparrow,11/15/1998,Pima Canyon

Elliot and Cooper Roads    11/15/1998    No Notes Entered
Pima Canyon    11/15/1998    No Notes Entered

Anna's Hummingbird,4/2/1999,Pima Canyon
Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,4/2/1999,Pima Canyon
Curve-billed Thrasher,4/2/1999,Pima Canyon
Gambel's Quail,4/2/1999,Pima Canyon
Greater Roadrunner,4/2/1999,Pima Canyon
Green-tailed Towhee,4/2/1999,Pima Canyon
House Finch,4/2/1999,Pima Canyon
Ruby-crowned Kinglet,4/2/1999,Pima Canyon
Tree Swallow,4/2/1999,Pima Canyon
Verdin,4/2/1999,Pima Canyon

Pima Canyon    4/2/1999    April 3, 1999 Saturday COULD THIS BE THE 3RD OF APRIL? Sally and Kate came on Thursday. It rained. They went to see Dad. At night we all went over to see him at Lutheran Hospital. On Friday it snowed all over Arizona and here it rained, the wind blew at about 40 miles per hour and it was colder than a witch’s chest! Then it cleared up some and was beautiful. We went to Pima canyon: sonny, kate, sally, and I. We saw some birds. We went up to the houses and then we walked back. It took a long time.

Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,11/21/1999,Pima Canyon
Black-throated Sparrow,11/21/1999,Pima Canyon
Cactus Wren,11/21/1999,Pima Canyon
Curve-billed Thrasher,11/21/1999,Pima Canyon
Northern Flicker,11/21/1999,Pima Canyon
Phainopepla,11/21/1999,Pima Canyon
Verdin,11/21/1999,Pima Canyon
White-crowned Sparrow,11/21/1999,Pima Canyon
Yellow-rumped Warbler,11/21/1999,Pima Canyon

Elliot and Cooper Roads    11/21/1999    No Notes Entered
Pima Canyon    11/21/1999    No Notes Entered

Generic No Bird,03/05/2000,Pima Canyon,from the journal

Pima Canyon    03/05/2000    March 5, 2000 Sunday

Anna's Hummingbird,04/14/2001,Pima Canyon
Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,04/14/2001,Pima Canyon
Black-throated Sparrow,04/14/2001,Pima Canyon,At the stone house with porno.
Brewer's Sparrow,04/14/2001,Pima Canyon
Costa's Hummingbird,04/14/2001,Pima Canyon,Oh the violet!
Curve-billed Thrasher,04/14/2001,Pima Canyon
Gambel's Quail,04/14/2001,Pima Canyon
Gila Woodpecker,04/14/2001,Pima Canyon
Green-tailed Towhee,04/14/2001,Pima Canyon,Oh -- what a crested rufous crown!
House Finch,04/14/2001,Pima Canyon
House Sparrow,04/14/2001,Pima Canyon
Lesser Goldfinch,04/14/2001,Pima Canyon,Bright.
Loggerhead Shrike,04/14/2001,Pima Canyon
Mourning Dove,04/14/2001,Pima Canyon
Northern Mockingbird,04/14/2001,Pima Canyon
Peregrine Falcon,04/14/2001,Pima Canyon,Dark sucker -- Flying like crazy.
Rock Wren,04/14/2001,Pima Canyon
Turkey Vulture,04/14/2001,Pima Canyon
Verdin,04/14/2001,Pima Canyon,With mating call. Very conspicuous!

Pima Canyon    04/14/2001    Fantastic wilderness. Red flowers on ocotillos -- etc.!

Abert's Towhee,04/28/2001,Pima Canyon
Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,04/28/2001,Pima Canyon
Black-throated Sparrow,04/28/2001,Pima Canyon
Brewer's Sparrow,04/28/2001,Pima Canyon
Brown-headed Cowbird,04/28/2001,Pima Canyon,These cowbirds male and female would zoom over the desert.
Cactus Wren,04/28/2001,Pima Canyon
Costa's Hummingbird,04/28/2001,Pima Canyon,twice. Gosh what violet.
Curve-billed Thrasher,04/28/2001,Pima Canyon
Greater Roadrunner,04/28/2001,Pima Canyon,giant Roadrunner
Red-tailed Hawk,04/28/2001,Pima Canyon
Verdin,04/28/2001,Pima Canyon

Pima Canyon    04/28/2001    Steve and me. I phoned and agreed to meet him at the stone houses at 10:30. I got there at 10:45. Long hike. I'm tough. Smilin' coyote.

Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,07/21/2001,Pima Canyon
Cactus Wren,07/21/2001,Pima Canyon
Curve-billed Thrasher,07/21/2001,Pima Canyon
Turkey Vulture,07/21/2001,Pima Canyon
White-winged Dove,07/21/2001,Pima Canyon

Generic Place in Chandler    07/21/2001    Turtle Dead Catfish
Pima Canyon    07/21/2001    Steve and I went.

Anna's Hummingbird,09/09/2001,Pima Canyon
Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,09/09/2001,Pima Canyon
Black-throated Sparrow,09/09/2001,Pima Canyon
Cactus Wren,09/09/2001,Pima Canyon
Curve-billed Thrasher,09/09/2001,Pima Canyon
Gambel's Quail,09/09/2001,Pima Canyon
House Finch,09/09/2001,Pima Canyon
Loggerhead Shrike,09/09/2001,Pima Canyon
Mourning Dove,09/09/2001,Pima Canyon
Red-tailed Hawk,09/09/2001,Pima Canyon
Verdin,09/09/2001,Pima Canyon

Pima Canyon    09/09/2001    We went with EMILY COLE.

Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,09/23/2001,Pima Canyon
Curve-billed Thrasher,09/23/2001,Pima Canyon
Mourning Dove,09/23/2001,Pima Canyon
Rock Wren,09/23/2001,Pima Canyon

Pima Canyon    09/23/2001    Steve and I.

Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,02/17/2002,Pima Canyon,ah!
Black-throated Sparrow,02/17/2002,Pima Canyon
Brewer's Sparrow,02/17/2002,Pima Canyon,lots of these
Dark-eyed Junco,02/17/2002,Pima Canyon,oregon race
Green-tailed Towhee,02/17/2002,Pima Canyon,Excellent views and two at a time.
House Finch,02/17/2002,Pima Canyon
White-throated Sparrow,02/17/2002,Pima Canyon,I added this feb 23 '13 because I saw in my journal that I missed him.

Elliot and Cooper Roads    02/17/2002    Heard rwbb, saw wc spar, yr warb. starling all that junk
2125 North Villas Lane    02/17/2002    No Notes Entered
Pima Canyon    02/17/2002    Sky overcast.

Abert's Towhee,02/24/2002,Pima Canyon
Anna's Hummingbird,02/24/2002,Pima Canyon
Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,02/24/2002,Pima Canyon
Black-throated Sparrow,02/24/2002,Pima Canyon
Brewer's Sparrow,02/24/2002,Pima Canyon
Cactus Wren,02/24/2002,Pima Canyon
Canyon Wren,02/24/2002,Pima Canyon,heard only
Curve-billed Thrasher,02/24/2002,Pima Canyon
Gambel's Quail,02/24/2002,Pima Canyon
Green-tailed Towhee,02/24/2002,Pima Canyon
House Finch,02/24/2002,Pima Canyon
Loggerhead Shrike,02/24/2002,Pima Canyon
Phainopepla,02/24/2002,Pima Canyon
Rock Wren,02/24/2002,Pima Canyon
Verdin,02/24/2002,Pima Canyon

Elliot and Cooper Roads    02/24/2002    No Notes Entered
Pima Canyon    02/24/2002    No Notes Entered

Anna's Hummingbird,03/01/2002,Pima Canyon
Black-throated Sparrow,03/01/2002,Pima Canyon
Brewer's Sparrow,03/01/2002,Pima Canyon
Curve-billed Thrasher,03/01/2002,Pima Canyon
Dark-eyed Junco,03/01/2002,Pima Canyon
Gambel's Quail,03/01/2002,Pima Canyon
House Finch,03/01/2002,Pima Canyon
Loggerhead Shrike,03/01/2002,Pima Canyon
Phainopepla,03/01/2002,Pima Canyon
Red-tailed Hawk,03/01/2002,Pima Canyon
Rufous-crowned Sparrow,03/01/2002,Pima Canyon
Turkey Vulture,03/01/2002,Pima Canyon
White-crowned Sparrow,03/01/2002,Pima Canyon

Elliot and Cooper Roads    03/01/2002    No Notes Entered
Pima Canyon    03/01/2002    No Notes Entered

Black-chinned Hummingbird,6/29/2002,Pima Canyon,Purple above white on the neck cinched this bird.
Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,6/29/2002,Pima Canyon
Black-throated Sparrow,6/29/2002,Pima Canyon
Cactus Wren,6/29/2002,Pima Canyon
Canyon Wren,6/29/2002,Pima Canyon,Heard Only
Curve-billed Thrasher,6/29/2002,Pima Canyon,Heard only
Gambel's Quail,6/29/2002,Pima Canyon
Gila Woodpecker,6/29/2002,Pima Canyon
Loggerhead Shrike,6/29/2002,Pima Canyon
Mourning Dove,6/29/2002,Pima Canyon
Northern Flicker,6/29/2002,Pima Canyon,Gilded Race
Northern Mockingbird,6/29/2002,Pima Canyon
Verdin,6/29/2002,Pima Canyon
White-winged Dove,6/29/2002,Pima Canyon

Elliot and Cooper Roads    06/29/2002    Nothing much else here today.
Pima Canyon    6/29/2002    Steve and I went early in the morning. He overslept and I had to ring the doorbell. We started at the golf course and hiked up and around.

Gambel's Quail,07/21/2002,Pima Canyon,zillions of these -- zillions and babies too.
Green-tailed Towhee,07/21/2002,Pima Canyon,right when I arrived near the rest place.
Mourning Dove,07/21/2002,Pima Canyon,I would walk in the silent wash and they were always there waiting and they always flew away in the screaming heat.
Turkey Vulture,07/21/2002,Pima Canyon,yes I saw him

McQueen and Elliot Roads    07/21/2002    I found a grave of a bird I guess. It was a welded metal cross by the tracks with a feather carved on it and 97-00 and a bird figure on it and "Antoniette" wait -- I took a picture. the name was antonio or something. very weird. Of all the cheesy places to make a grave.
Elliot and Cooper Roads    07/21/2002    No Notes Entered
Greenfield and Guadalupe Roads    07/21/2002    Noodles swam and was very very very frisky.
Pima Canyon    07/21/2002    I thought I would die. I climbed all the way to the top of the ridge trail. Started at at least 2:30. No one there -- well maybe one or two hikers somewhere there. Dead quiet. Hot. But there was a breeze. I brought four quarts of gatorade, so I survived. I walked too far. Later: I remember I climbed way up on a mountain all dry and barren and dusty and I got hot and poured water over my head. I remember I started walking down and realized I didn't know where the trail led, so I went back up and had to climb clean back up to go down the trail I knew. (on 6/12/2004 I checked history of temperatures and it was 102 in chandler.)
Generic Place Anywhere    07/21/2002    This was at Estrella Community College, where I played guitar for Rey Rivera. I played guitar on this date. Remember that dumb lady that let her kid walk on the 220 electric line across the water? Remember that dopey Ethiopian who wanted me to play as he sang "Tu felicidad es grande..." I didn't know that the TU was god. I didn't play for him after all. The other guitarist was going to do it, but he didn't play very well. Finally, he passed and the Ethiopian left to go PREACH. Apparently he was a preacher. The song was likely religious. I also remember the guy at the mixing board from U of A with the same idiotic U of A highschool rivalry thing. BAA, BAAA,

Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,07/22/2002,Pima Canyon,Tame. It was so late in the hot afternoon that there were few birds out.  I was kind of lucky to see this one although I think there was another around that I was chasing but couldn't catch up with.
Black-throated Sparrow,07/22/2002,Pima Canyon,Finally saw one of these. The day was so hot that the birds had all sought shelter. Also saw one at the base of the horse trough and showed it to some dude.
Cactus Wren,07/22/2002,Pima Canyon,Over by a cliff. Quiet. Fairly tame.
Curve-billed Thrasher,07/22/2002,Pima Canyon,One of them sang like a mockingbird.
Gambel's Quail,07/22/2002,Pima Canyon,Only zillions again.
Mourning Dove,07/22/2002,Pima Canyon,Natch. Hot!
Rock Dove,07/22/2002,Pima Canyon,Strange to see him flying over the arroyo. Hotter than hell. He or another landed on a desert varnished rock and stood there.
Turkey Vulture,07/22/2002,Pima Canyon,Just one.

McQueen and Elliot Roads    07/22/2002    No Notes Entered
Elliot and Cooper Roads    07/22/2002    No Notes Entered
Pima Canyon    07/22/2002    I tried to repeat yesterday's wonderful trip without the terrible exertion. I brought more than a gallon of water and drank very little this time. I didn't climb much, so I didn't get too tired or too hot. It was VERY deserted. I got there at about three in the heat of the afternoon. There were two other hikers I saw as I walked out and another was walking in. I talked to him about birds. He said that certain herons fly at 30000 feet. Bullcrap thought I but said nothing. Afterwards I toasted my adventure at the Copper Canyon brew pub.

Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,07/28/2002,Pima Canyon
Black-throated Sparrow,07/28/2002,Pima Canyon
Curve-billed Thrasher,07/28/2002,Pima Canyon
Gambel's Quail,07/28/2002,Pima Canyon
Gila Woodpecker,07/28/2002,Pima Canyon
Mourning Dove,07/28/2002,Pima Canyon
Turkey Vulture,07/28/2002,Pima Canyon
White-winged Dove,07/28/2002,Pima Canyon

Pima Canyon    07/28/2002    Steve and I went on a marathon hot hike. 10:30 to 1:30  up Pima Canyon. Went clean up past ojo de awa over to the tunnel and then down the arroyo to where it meets the Mormon Trail. Coyote looked at us. Met some guy in the tunnel there who had hiked in Guatemala. Afterwards, we toasted our adventure over a couple of IPA's at the Copper Canyon Brewery.

Generic Bird,08/09/2002,Pima Canyon,Actually all we saw were mourning doves -- but why waste a MD record when I can put this in? All the birds were gone. It was SO HOT!

Pima Canyon    08/09/2002    It was really hot. (Now, 6/11/2004, I checked records and it was 109°.)Steve and I climbed to the top of the mountain right to the right of the parking lot. It was early afternoon. I got tired up there. We left and went back and saw Sonny. I bought my digital camcorder just a few minutes before I went on this hike. We left it at home.

Abert's Towhee,09/08/2002,Pima Canyon
Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,09/08/2002,Pima Canyon
Black-throated Sparrow,09/08/2002,Pima Canyon
Curve-billed Thrasher,09/08/2002,Pima Canyon,BIG
Northern Flicker,09/08/2002,Pima Canyon,GILDED FLICKER. GILDED RACE! EXCELLENT VIEW.

Pima Canyon    09/08/2002    Went with Steve and Sonny and TWO of Sonny's friends. LIGHTLY SPRINKLING AT TIMES. QUITE COOL. We saw a TIGER RATTLESNAKE! He was right at the stone houses. Very small head, big rattle. Weird. We went to the tunnel and that took some time. We had a wonderful hike although it was too long because no one walked quickly. I found what COULD be a meteorite. I hope I make a million.

Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,09/15/2002,Pima Canyon
Black-throated Sparrow,09/15/2002,Pima Canyon
Canyon Towhee,09/15/2002,Pima Canyon,Super rufous under the tail. Plain face. No black mask.
Gambel's Quail,09/15/2002,Pima Canyon
Generic Flycatcher,09/15/2002,Pima Canyon
Green-tailed Towhee,09/15/2002,Pima Canyon,Very green all of these and at least three seen.
Northern Flicker,09/15/2002,Pima Canyon,Gilded race!
Phainopepla,09/15/2002,Pima Canyon
Rock Wren,09/15/2002,Pima Canyon
Turkey Vulture,09/15/2002,Pima Canyon

El Mirage Pond    09/15/2002    There were coots, killdeers, and female red-winged blackbirds here today. The pond was FULL of water.
Pima Canyon    09/15/2002    Went with Steve and his friend. Oh, what a hike. Clean to fat man's pass. We saw a coyote and we hiked for HOURS. Not so hot as we started at 7:30 or so but then it did get hot. Steve and I and Steve's friend.

Anna's Hummingbird,01/05/2003,Pima Canyon
Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,01/05/2003,Pima Canyon,very tame this time
Black-throated Sparrow,01/05/2003,Pima Canyon
Cactus Wren,01/05/2003,Pima Canyon
Canyon Towhee,01/05/2003,Pima Canyon,slightly rufous head and very rufous under tail. no black mask. chest a bit striped.
Curve-billed Thrasher,01/05/2003,Pima Canyon
Dark-eyed Junco,01/05/2003,Pima Canyon,oregon race
Green-tailed Towhee,01/05/2003,Pima Canyon,very rufous crown -- in fact I thought it was a ruby-crowned kinglet at first although it was big. almost a red crown.
Rock Wren,01/05/2003,Pima Canyon
White-crowned Sparrow,01/05/2003,Pima Canyon

Pima Canyon    01/05/2003    Steve and I hiked to fat man's pass in the morning. There were kind of a lot of people there. I brought my new digital camera and took pictures. I ate corn nuts. Also, Steve called sally from there and talked about his book. I felt very old as I tried to pull myself up over a huge rock above a cliff and found my arms week and myself clumsy.

Northern Flicker,02/01/2003,Pima Canyon
Rock Wren,02/01/2003,Pima Canyon
White-crowned Sparrow,02/01/2003,Pima Canyon

Pima Canyon    02/01/2003    The Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrated on re-entry over Texas today. We to Pima Canyon with Tom Ditsworth. Steve and Sonny. I took Noodles and we walked quite a ways but then went back.

Brewer's Sparrow,04/13/2003,Pima Canyon,up in a tree

Pima Canyon    04/13/2003    There were no bt sparrows or bt gnatcatchers. Verdins with mating call. this has been going on for a week or two at least. This was the day Sonny let the white helmeted pigeon out of the coop. We got tired and against Steve's protests went back to the car. It was a good hike. I walked toward the tunnel, but was called back as Sonny and his friend didn't want to go any farther.

Ash-throated Flycatcher,05/11/2003,Pima Canyon
Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,05/11/2003,Pima Canyon,Saw him up the canyon and later a rattier one nearer the parking lot.
Dusky Flycatcher,05/11/2003,Pima Canyon
Gambel's Quail,05/11/2003,Pima Canyon
Green-tailed Towhee,05/11/2003,Pima Canyon
House Finch,05/11/2003,Pima Canyon
Northern Flicker,05/11/2003,Pima Canyon,GILDED FLICKER
Townsend's Warbler,05/11/2003,Pima Canyon
Verdin,05/11/2003,Pima Canyon
White-winged Dove,05/11/2003,Pima Canyon


Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,05/21/2003,Pima Canyon
Cactus Wren,05/21/2003,Pima Canyon
Canyon Towhee,05/21/2003,Pima Canyon
Curve-billed Thrasher,05/21/2003,Pima Canyon
Green-tailed Towhee,05/21/2003,Pima Canyon
House Finch,05/21/2003,Pima Canyon,Oh god he had a swollen EYE. Huge. However he was frisky and active.
Wilson's Warbler,05/21/2003,Pima Canyon

Pima Canyon    05/21/2003    Cactus wrens going ape with curve-billed thrashers. Nice wilse's. gt towhee's tail was slick algae green.

Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,05/22/2003,Pima Canyon
Black-throated Sparrow,05/22/2003,Pima Canyon
Cactus Wren,05/22/2003,Pima Canyon
Curve-billed Thrasher,05/22/2003,Pima Canyon
Dusky Flycatcher,05/22/2003,Pima Canyon
Gambel's Quail,05/22/2003,Pima Canyon,just zillions of them
Greater Roadrunner,05/22/2003,Pima Canyon
Green-tailed Towhee,05/22/2003,Pima Canyon
House Sparrow,05/22/2003,Pima Canyon
MacGillivray's Warbler,05/22/2003,Pima Canyon
Mourning Dove,05/22/2003,Pima Canyon,all under the trees everywhere
Northern Mockingbird,05/22/2003,Pima Canyon
Verdin,05/22/2003,Pima Canyon
Wilson's Warbler,05/22/2003,Pima Canyon

Elliot and Cooper Roads    05/22/2003    No Notes Entered
Pima Canyon    05/22/2003    It wasn't as hot as advertised. Took the week off and did nothing! I just walked down to the tank and the little waterhole for wildlife down the wash. It was very nice. I had my camel pack. Some flies. Very nice indeed. Also I brought a margarita in a can. Drank it afterwards and went to Rio Salado Brewery.

Ash-throated Flycatcher,05/25/2003,Pima Canyon
Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,05/25/2003,Pima Canyon
Black-throated Sparrow,05/25/2003,Pima Canyon
Canyon Towhee,05/25/2003,Pima Canyon,These are definitely Canyons. They ain't Abert's.
Curve-billed Thrasher,05/25/2003,Pima Canyon
Green-tailed Towhee,05/25/2003,Pima Canyon
Turkey Vulture,05/25/2003,Pima Canyon
White-winged Dove,05/25/2003,Pima Canyon

Elliot and Cooper Roads    05/25/2003    Few birds. Log H  shrike. bnstilt, killdeer, mallard, verdin. dullsville. heard a gambel's quail.
Cotton Fields Chandler    05/25/2003    Noodles and I stopped by. There is no cotton field out here anymore. I think Hedi Najafi lives in the apartment complex that is now here. We went in back. I don't think we shall return. It's been twelve years since we have recorded a trip here.
Pima Canyon    05/25/2003    Memorial day. Saw the Indy 500. As usual a bore. Worked on the Tascam 224 stuff and Deck a little. Went here at about three o'clock and hiked up to the water tank. Went back on the road and it seemed to take a long time. Almost no one there. Bees in the paloverdes. It's really nice out here. I love it.

Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,06/01/2003,Pima Canyon
Black-throated Sparrow,06/01/2003,Pima Canyon

Generic Place in Chandler    06/01/2003    The dump area by the pump. Noodles wouldn't swim in the beautiful water. We followed the water in the truck for miles. So cool and green. What scenery! amazing old fields that had become desert again ages ago.
Pima Canyon    06/01/2003    Went on a little heat walk. A couple of other people were doing it it seemed. 104 degrees. Nice breeze. Went to Rio Salado Brewery afterwards and they had a blues band in there and then some guy with a weird Goya guitar. He was buddhist.

Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,06/15/2003,Pima Canyon
Black-throated Sparrow,06/15/2003,Pima Canyon
Cactus Wren,06/15/2003,Pima Canyon,Down CACTUS WREN ALLEY up Pima Arroyo.

Pima Canyon    06/15/2003    This was after recording with Carlos and Scott five hours on a Brazilian song.  I went at three thirty or so. Oh,  it was 108 degrees. I went up to the water tank. It took twenty minutes to hoof it back downhill on the road. Went to rio salado brewery afterwards. Called Wendy and we may go to Grand Cayman. Yah.

Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,06/28/2003,Pima Canyon

Greenfield and Guadalupe Roads    06/28/2003    Noodles swam and actually went into deep water on her own when we went to the pond just beyond the great blue heron gates. Saw swallows and hummer. Couldn't tell: bc or anna's.
Pima Canyon    06/28/2003    Went for a short walk up there. Just g. quail and m. doves. 111 degrees.

Cactus Wren,07/11/2003,Pima Canyon
Curve-billed Thrasher,07/11/2003,Pima Canyon
Gila Woodpecker,07/11/2003,Pima Canyon

Elliot and Cooper Roads    07/11/2003    got back from Cayman yesterday and went here tennish. Noodles wouldn't walk out there. I called some lady because of the new sign there. All is well.
Pima Canyon    07/11/2003    Walked up at 108 degrees and  it was fine. I walked back and drove to tianguis, but left there and went to rio salado brewery.

American Kestrel,08/24/2003,Pima Canyon,He flew in the air with the wind holding him in one place for a long time and then he would zip up or down or left or right.
Anna's Hummingbird,08/24/2003,Pima Canyon
Black-throated Sparrow,08/24/2003,Pima Canyon
Cactus Wren,08/24/2003,Pima Canyon
Curve-billed Thrasher,08/24/2003,Pima Canyon
Gilded Flicker,08/24/2003,Pima Canyon
House Finch,08/24/2003,Pima Canyon
MacGillivray's Warbler,08/24/2003,Pima Canyon
Mourning Dove,08/24/2003,Pima Canyon
Phainopepla,08/24/2003,Pima Canyon,female flying over
Red-tailed Hawk,08/24/2003,Pima Canyon
White-throated Swift,08/24/2003,Pima Canyon

Pima Canyon    08/24/2003    Saw two Tiger Rattlers. Jesus we could have stepped on them both. One looked like granite. God we walked a long way. Clean to the highest view and back down the National Trail.

American Kestrel,09/21/2003,Pima Canyon
Anna's Hummingbird,09/21/2003,Pima Canyon
Black-throated Sparrow,09/21/2003,Pima Canyon
Cactus Wren,09/21/2003,Pima Canyon
Canyon Towhee,09/21/2003,Pima Canyon
Canyon Wren,09/21/2003,Pima Canyon
Curve-billed Thrasher,09/21/2003,Pima Canyon
Gambel's Quail,09/21/2003,Pima Canyon
House Finch,09/21/2003,Pima Canyon
Inca Dove,09/21/2003,Pima Canyon
Mourning Dove,09/21/2003,Pima Canyon
Rock Wren,09/21/2003,Pima Canyon
Verdin,09/21/2003,Pima Canyon

Pima Canyon    09/21/2003    Ditsworth and Steve and I went to Fat Man's Pass. We saw no snakes. I brought too much water. I have my new Walmart white tennis shoes that hurt a little. Drank lots of water because it kind of got hot. We went up Pima Arroyo all the way and took the Mormon Trail back.

Abert's Towhee,09/28/2003,Pima Canyon
American Kestrel,09/28/2003,Pima Canyon
Anna's Hummingbird,09/28/2003,Pima Canyon
Canyon Towhee,09/28/2003,Pima Canyon
Canyon Wren,09/28/2003,Pima Canyon
Curve-billed Thrasher,09/28/2003,Pima Canyon
Generic Blackbird,09/28/2003,Pima Canyon,Huge flock overhead. Perhaps varied species.
Gila Woodpecker,09/28/2003,Pima Canyon
House Finch,09/28/2003,Pima Canyon
Mourning Dove,09/28/2003,Pima Canyon
Rock Dove,09/28/2003,Pima Canyon,Had a blue band that had a 41 as part of it. It was high up the ridge trail on a rock.  A blue bar and nicely groomed. Perhaps a racing homer though smallish.
Rock Wren,09/28/2003,Pima Canyon,Both seen and heard.
Verdin,09/28/2003,Pima Canyon
White-throated Swift,09/28/2003,Pima Canyon,appeared briefly on a high trail.

Pima Canyon    09/28/2003    Got up and left at six and got to South Mountain at 6:30. Ditsworth and Steve and Me. We saw the Marcos de Niza rock and went up that trail. We found a small trail that led to Pima Canyon and we took the arroyo back. A rattlesnake rattled in the bushes and I saw him under a rock. I believe it was a black-tailed rattler. Ditsworth put his stick in there and the snake bit it, leaving two teeth holes in the soft rubbery end. Also I found some shells from the sea of cortez up there. Perhaps -- just perhaps some Indian left them there a thousand years ago.

Black-throated Sparrow,10/05/2003,Pima Canyon
Cactus Wren,10/05/2003,Pima Canyon
Gambel's Quail,10/05/2003,Pima Canyon
House Finch,10/05/2003,Pima Canyon
Mourning Dove,10/05/2003,Pima Canyon
Rock Wren,10/05/2003,Pima Canyon,Very tame some of them. Saw several. Sometimes they looked quite rufous below but when you got up close they weren't. I noted that they are the ones that sound like an Ash-throated Flycatcher.
Turkey Vulture,10/05/2003,Pima Canyon,Up above the parking lot when I arrived. Soaring.
Verdin,10/05/2003,Pima Canyon,Very yellow face indeed.

Pima Canyon    10/05/2003    I arrived at a quarter to two in the afternoon. I had been working on my Elliot and Cooper report and so I was late. It was over a hundred degrees. I walked down Desert Classic and then took Beverly Canyon to Pima Canyon, which was VERY quiet, and walked to the water tank where I ate my sandwich. Few people there. Only an occasional breeze, but very nice. Afterwards I went to Rio Salado Brewery and there was a guy there singing ribbled British ditties. I sang a couple to the guys myself and got some good laughs. Drank two beers and went home and here I am. Noodles was very happy when I got back. She danced and pranced and barked.

Anna's Hummingbird,11/02/2003,Pima Canyon
Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,11/02/2003,Pima Canyon
Black-throated Sparrow,11/02/2003,Pima Canyon
Cactus Wren,11/02/2003,Pima Canyon
Canyon Towhee,11/02/2003,Pima Canyon
Curve-billed Thrasher,11/02/2003,Pima Canyon
Double-Crested Cormorant,11/02/2003,Pima Canyon,Yes in PIMA CANYON. Just five or six or so flying overhead.
Gambel's Quail,11/02/2003,Pima Canyon
Gila Woodpecker,11/02/2003,Pima Canyon
Gilded Flicker,11/02/2003,Pima Canyon,Saw him on the ground. Then he flew up. Also at the end of the Javelina trail he was on a fence or something.
House Finch,11/02/2003,Pima Canyon
Mourning Dove,11/02/2003,Pima Canyon
Rock Wren,11/02/2003,Pima Canyon
White-crowned Sparrow,11/02/2003,Pima Canyon,Nice examples. Very white. Immatures were there too. At the end of the javelina trail there is a horse trough where they were drinking on the ground.
Yellow-rumped Warbler,11/02/2003,Pima Canyon,across Javelina canyon

Pima Canyon    11/02/2003    Dits and Steve and I went. We went down the Javelina Trail. Cool out. Only drank a little. Rat turds in the arroyo. Caves. bum at the end of the trail. girl had a bad dog.

Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,11/16/2003,Pima Canyon
Black-throated Sparrow,11/16/2003,Pima Canyon
Generic Hawk,11/16/2003,Pima Canyon,Coopers immature? At first I thought it was a Harris' hawk but then I thought it was a marsh hawk but a marsh hawk wouldn't like it there.
Gila Woodpecker,11/16/2003,Pima Canyon
Gilded Flicker,11/16/2003,Pima Canyon
Phainopepla,11/16/2003,Pima Canyon
Say's Phoebe,11/16/2003,Pima Canyon
White-crowned Sparrow,11/16/2003,Pima Canyon
Yellow-rumped Warbler,11/16/2003,Pima Canyon

Pima Canyon    11/16/2003    Steve and Dits and I. Got up at 5:30 and Dits was here by six. Steve was 15 minutes late. I slept out back with Noodles on the patio. Walked about six miles. Oh, we walked. We went high up on the hills and then to the secret water hole which was very birdy. We hiked up to a mine too and I found some malachite. Excellent hike. Oh, I wore my black Levi "jacket" and I found that I needed it as it was cold and I never had to take if off much to my surprise. I was sure I'd get hot. People, including Ditsworth, were hiking with long pants. It sprinkled just a tiny bit. My white tennis shoes don't hurt anymore by the way. This makes five good long hikes with them.

Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,11/23/2003,Pima Canyon
Cactus Wren,11/23/2003,Pima Canyon
Curve-billed Thrasher,11/23/2003,Pima Canyon
Gila Woodpecker,11/23/2003,Pima Canyon
Phainopepla,11/23/2003,Pima Canyon
Ruby-crowned Kinglet,11/23/2003,Pima Canyon,hovered next to branches. Eye ring. Small.
Verdin,11/23/2003,Pima Canyon
Yellow-rumped Warbler,11/23/2003,Pima Canyon

Pima Canyon    11/23/2003    Steve and I went there at a little after seven in the morning. We took his toyota. We Walked up the road and turned left to beverly? and then onto an animal trail where we found a tortoise shell. Photographed it. Climbed then quite high and made it back down to the stone houses. Good high hike way the hell up there. Excellent.

Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,12/07/2003,Pima Canyon,Two very active in a tree and a verdin messing around with them too.
Canyon Towhee,12/07/2003,Pima Canyon,At first we thought these two birds were green-tailed towhees. But they weren't!
Gambel's Quail,12/07/2003,Pima Canyon,I let Dits look through the binocs and he thought the birds were very impressive indeed. Lots of them down in a canyon. There seemed to be no end to their teeming numbers.
Gila Woodpecker,12/07/2003,Pima Canyon,squeaking
Phainopepla,12/07/2003,Pima Canyon,A male in a tree and it was quite tame for a peppie. I took its picture.

Pima Canyon    12/07/2003    Dits and Steve and i went. I woke up at three AM and had a sip of beer -- a sam adams -- what was left as I was sleeping outside with Noodles and then I went back to bed to rest and sleep but then I wanted some more Sam Adams and I got up and had one. Noodles was under a blanket and lying on her special down pillow. I uncovered her, picked her up, and came inside. Dits came by at six. I showed him my new piano. Steve was forty minutes late and we went hiking.

Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,12/28/2003,Pima Canyon
Black-throated Sparrow,12/28/2003,Pima Canyon,pecking around on the ground.
Cactus Wren,12/28/2003,Pima Canyon
Gambel's Quail,12/28/2003,Pima Canyon
House Finch,12/28/2003,Pima Canyon
Northern Mockingbird,12/28/2003,Pima Canyon

Pima Canyon    12/28/2003    Steve and I went there around one o'clock and we just cooked up there near Javelina Canyon. I cooked canned spaghetti and he had roast beef hash. It was pretty cold there.

Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,01/04/2004,Pima Canyon,On the road out in a tree at the end of the hike.
Black-throated Sparrow,01/04/2004,Pima Canyon
Canyon Wren,01/04/2004,Pima Canyon
Gambel's Quail,01/04/2004,Pima Canyon
Gilded Flicker,01/04/2004,Pima Canyon
Rock Wren,01/04/2004,Pima Canyon
Ruby-crowned Kinglet,01/04/2004,Pima Canyon,Over by where Steve and Sonny buried their treasure. I saw its ruby crown.
Verdin,01/04/2004,Pima Canyon

Pima Canyon    01/04/2004    Dits and Steve and I. Met at my house at 7:00 AM and left for Pima Canyon at 7:30. Pretty cold. Dits had a GPS device. We went up on the Ridge Line Trail high. Then we went up the Mormon trail and went up a wash and cooked lunch. I had ramen and kippered herring. We cooked at the place where Steve and Sonny buried a treasure.

Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,01/25/2004,Pima Canyon
Black-throated Sparrow,01/25/2004,Pima Canyon
Canyon Wren,01/25/2004,Pima Canyon,Heard only.
Cooper's Hawk,01/25/2004,Pima Canyon
European Starling,01/25/2004,Pima Canyon
Gambel's Quail,01/25/2004,Pima Canyon
Gilded Flicker,01/25/2004,Pima Canyon
House Finch,01/25/2004,Pima Canyon
Mourning Dove,01/25/2004,Pima Canyon
Rock Wren,01/25/2004,Pima Canyon
Ruby-crowned Kinglet,01/25/2004,Pima Canyon
Verdin,01/25/2004,Pima Canyon
Yellow-rumped Warbler,01/25/2004,Pima Canyon

Pima Canyon    01/25/2004    Dits and I went and Steve didn't come. Last night the rover landed on mars. The second in a week or two. Not Spirit, but Opportunity. We walked up the Mormon Trail and then over to the tunnel on National. It RAINED the whole time, but stopped for the way back. Afterwards, we looked at Martian pictures on line and then looked at my palindromes and listened to the cd song byToo Slim and Riders in the Sky on palindromes.

Anna's Hummingbird,02/07/2004,Pima Canyon
Cactus Wren,02/07/2004,Pima Canyon
Canyon Wren,02/07/2004,Pima Canyon
Cooper's Hawk,02/07/2004,Pima Canyon
Curve-billed Thrasher,02/07/2004,Pima Canyon
Gilded Flicker,02/07/2004,Pima Canyon
House Finch,02/07/2004,Pima Canyon
Loggerhead Shrike,02/07/2004,Pima Canyon
Mourning Dove,02/07/2004,Pima Canyon
Red-tailed Hawk,02/07/2004,Pima Canyon
Rock Wren,02/07/2004,Pima Canyon
Verdin,02/07/2004,Pima Canyon
White-throated Swift,02/07/2004,Pima Canyon

Pima Canyon    02/07/2004    this was the time Steve and his friend Dana went and we yelled at the bikes and the guy argued back and later came back and jumped over the rocks where we were. What an asshole. Kind of ruined the hike for me and it was good hike and I was in a good mood.

Anna's Hummingbird,04/25/2004,Pima Canyon
Ash-throated Flycatcher,04/25/2004,Pima Canyon
Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,04/25/2004,Pima Canyon
Brewer's Sparrow,04/25/2004,Pima Canyon
Cactus Wren,04/25/2004,Pima Canyon
Cliff Swallow,04/25/2004,Pima Canyon
Curve-billed Thrasher,04/25/2004,Pima Canyon
Dusky Flycatcher,04/25/2004,Pima Canyon
Gambel's Quail,04/25/2004,Pima Canyon
Green-tailed Towhee,04/25/2004,Pima Canyon
House Sparrow,04/25/2004,Pima Canyon
Loggerhead Shrike,04/25/2004,Pima Canyon
MacGillivray's Warbler,04/25/2004,Pima Canyon
Mourning Dove,04/25/2004,Pima Canyon
Northern Mockingbird,04/25/2004,Pima Canyon
Verdin,04/25/2004,Pima Canyon
Wilson's Warbler,04/25/2004,Pima Canyon

Generic Place in Chandler    04/25/2004    There were two of these and they have a nest across the street from Steve's house. They fluttered and would scare up grasshoppers that just couldn't outfly them
2125 North Villas Lane    04/25/2004    No Notes Entered
Pima Canyon    04/25/2004    Steve and I went up there. This was the time I was depressed because that darned teacher sent an e-mail to a department saying that he had a room conflict and all hell was breaking loose and the buck stops with me and life is hell. I had my new Carson 80 pack and fizzie water. It was hot. We went at 10:30 or so and just went up to the water tank. Lots of birds. Some guys on horseback showed us where they had seen a gila monster but Steve suspected they saw just a chuckwalla. We saw a huge chuckwalla that was almost black sitting up on a rocky crag and with a lighter-colored one on a rock next to him. We went to the Rio Salado brewery afterwards but we didn't have any beer. We just looked at the art on the walls. The guy there said that it was open mike day today. It is the last Sunday of each month.

Abert's Towhee,05/23/2004,Pima Canyon
Ash-throated Flycatcher,05/23/2004,Pima Canyon
Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,05/23/2004,Pima Canyon
Cactus Wren,05/23/2004,Pima Canyon
Canyon Towhee,05/23/2004,Pima Canyon,More of these than Abert's by far.
Canyon Wren,05/23/2004,Pima Canyon
Curve-billed Thrasher,05/23/2004,Pima Canyon
Gambel's Quail,05/23/2004,Pima Canyon
Great-tailed Grackle,05/23/2004,Pima Canyon
Mourning Dove,05/23/2004,Pima Canyon
Red-tailed Hawk,05/23/2004,Pima Canyon,No belly band but an awfully red tail.
Turkey Vulture,05/23/2004,Pima Canyon,He appeared suddenly while we were walking back on the dirt road.
Verdin,05/23/2004,Pima Canyon
White-winged Dove,05/23/2004,Pima Canyon

Pima Canyon    05/23/2004    I got up at 5:15 so i could be ready for Steve to come by and hike at six o'clock, but he never came. later in the day we went. BULL SNAKE! I screamed when I saw him because I almost stepped on him and I thought he was a rattler. We took pictures and he went into a hole. He was lying right on the hot rocks of the arroyo.

Cactus Wren,05/31/2004,Pima Canyon
Canyon Wren,05/31/2004,Pima Canyon,Seen and not heard. By the water tank and near the soltice carving but to the right up on a cliff.
Curve-billed Thrasher,05/31/2004,Pima Canyon
Gambel's Quail,05/31/2004,Pima Canyon,Lots of these as usual. Near the stupid golf course there were a couple with a ton of tiny babies. They were totally unafraid of my truck.
Loggerhead Shrike,05/31/2004,Pima Canyon,He flew by looking like a black and white cigar.
Mourning Dove,05/31/2004,Pima Canyon,In the desert heat of the mid afternoon the mourning doves were quiet and mysterious. They were perched often on the ground in the shade of an ironwood tree. Small-looking and dessicated and dry and shrunk.
White-winged Dove,05/31/2004,Pima Canyon,On top of a saguaro by the fruit.

2125 North Villas Lane    05/31/2004    No Notes Entered
Pima Canyon    05/31/2004    I went there at about 2:30. Not too many birds. Hot. Over 100 degrees. Nice cool breeze though. Still some few people out there but darned few. Few birds. I was going to go to work and diddle some stuff that I didn't do, but then I decided to have my own day off and screw work. I'm glad I went. I am envigorated. I walked back down the road. It took about 25 minutes from the water tank.

Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,06/05/2004,Pima Canyon
Black-throated Sparrow,06/05/2004,Pima Canyon
Cactus Wren,06/05/2004,Pima Canyon
Curve-billed Thrasher,06/05/2004,Pima Canyon
Gambel's Quail,06/05/2004,Pima Canyon
Gila Woodpecker,06/05/2004,Pima Canyon
Mourning Dove,06/05/2004,Pima Canyon

McQueen and Elliot Roads    06/05/2004    Just drove over the dry field. Went offroad to circumvent the tire tracks with a foot of water from the canal.
Elliot and Cooper Roads    06/05/2004    It was kind of hot for Noodles. When we went on the canal road she went under the truck, but she was also sniffing the truck tires.
Pima Canyon    06/05/2004    I went at about 3:30. It was supposed to be 110 degrees, but I don't think it was that hot. Saw three other people out there: two guys and a girl. Nice breeze and what a hike. Just went up to the water tank. When I started, I took that little trail that goes up on top and then goes back down into Pima Canyon. The black-throated sparrow was in a corner in the wash with a cliff and some shade and some trees. I stood also up on the rocks there by the solstice petroglyph. Nice breeze. Lots of nice breezes. Bees in the waterhole. I had Strawberry Kiwis fizzy water and also Tropical fizzy water. The tropical was more like papaya than mango as it had a vomit-like taste. Very tropical. I drank a beer when I got back to the truck. Then I called Wendy in Utah when the phone quit wanting to roam. I got Lacy and she said that Wendy was in Middlebury and that they were both coming down here this week.

Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,06/06/2004,Pima Canyon,At BT cliff where you see BT sparrows and BT gnatcatchers.
Black-throated Sparrow,06/06/2004,Pima Canyon,At BT cliff where you see BT sparrows and BT gnatcatchers.
Cactus Wren,06/06/2004,Pima Canyon
Canyon Towhee,06/06/2004,Pima Canyon
Curve-billed Thrasher,06/06/2004,Pima Canyon
Gambel's Quail,06/06/2004,Pima Canyon,Heard only up the canyon but by the golf course I saw that hen with her brood. They were practicing eating seeds.
Great-tailed Grackle,06/06/2004,Pima Canyon
Mourning Dove,06/06/2004,Pima Canyon
Verdin,06/06/2004,Pima Canyon
White-winged Dove,06/06/2004,Pima Canyon

Elliot and Cooper Roads    06/06/2004    Went at seven in the morning or so. Kind of a lot of water in Pond 2. 490th trip. I brought my camera, but it was out of juice. I must have left it on.
Pima Canyon    06/06/2004    I left the Key Lime flavored fizzy water in the freezer and forgot to bring it. I had the camel pak with two liters in it and my favorite the Peach Grapefruit. I only drank the water on the trip. I named one cliff BT Cliff because you always see BT gnatcatchers and BT sparrows there. Only about three people went on by. About 106 degrees or maybe a little more. Very invigorating hiking up there. Went back on the road and it took about twenty minutes from the water tank. I drank a light beer in the parking lot afterwards and that was a lot of fun to top it all off that way.

Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,06/13/2004,Pima Canyon,Not at the BT cliffs. In a tree nearby but elsewhere.
Cactus Wren,06/13/2004,Pima Canyon
Canyon Wren,06/13/2004,Pima Canyon,Right at BT cliffs. He was very tame.
Curve-billed Thrasher,06/13/2004,Pima Canyon
Gambel's Quail,06/13/2004,Pima Canyon
Mourning Dove,06/13/2004,Pima Canyon
White-winged Dove,06/13/2004,Pima Canyon,On a saguaro eating the fruit.

McQueen and Elliot Roads    06/13/2004    Elliot Road was closed, so when I came back from E&C I drove behind Mesquite High. No horned larks seen. Noodles and I stopped and looked at the canal that ran n and s. Not the one on the fence. water
Elliot and Cooper Roads    06/13/2004    Lots of water in Pond 9 and nothing much elsewhere. Cat in Pond 8. Rabbits. A guy with tattoos talked to me about the site. Dead toads as usual. A mourning dove is nesting under the roof.
Pima Canyon    06/13/2004    103 or so degrees. Nice breeze! Went up to some power poles, an easy walk. Then went to the water tank. I had a Stone IPA in the car with frozen squash to keep it cool. I drank it, but people were coming into the parking lot at 4:00. Weird. I went to Rio Salado and the happy crowd welcomed me. I looked at the art. I drank one beer. I left. I named some other places. The gray waterfalls and junk.

Ash-throated Flycatcher,06/19/2004,Pima Canyon,Landed on the back of the gilded flicker.
Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,06/19/2004,Pima Canyon
Black-throated Sparrow,06/19/2004,Pima Canyon,At the BT cliffs.
Cactus Wren,06/19/2004,Pima Canyon,Plenty of 'em.
Gambel's Quail,06/19/2004,Pima Canyon
Gilded Flicker,06/19/2004,Pima Canyon,At the BT cliffs.
Mourning Dove,06/19/2004,Pima Canyon
Rock Wren,06/19/2004,Pima Canyon,He was in a tree.

Elliot and Cooper Roads    06/19/2004    No Notes Entered
Pima Canyon    06/19/2004    A big coyote walked down the wash just behind the picnic tables. He had a long face. I followed him but, of course, did not see him again. Six species at the BT cliffs. Lots of very large Rock Squirrels and small cotton tails. Also, wild lizards. Brownish ruddy big speckled. One like a collared lizard. One with a skull-like head. Supposed to be 106 but it was windy. It didn't seem to hot. I drank less than a liter and a quarter of fizzie water: peach grapefruit and grapefruit tangerine. yesterday i typed up Paul Corrigan's early observation comments. They were not glowing as he has NO idea how to teach an ESL class.

Anna's Hummingbird,06/20/2004,Pima Canyon
Ash-throated Flycatcher,06/20/2004,Pima Canyon
Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,06/20/2004,Pima Canyon
Black-throated Sparrow,06/20/2004,Pima Canyon
Cactus Wren,06/20/2004,Pima Canyon
Canyon Towhee,06/20/2004,Pima Canyon,seen and heard
Canyon Wren,06/20/2004,Pima Canyon
Curve-billed Thrasher,06/20/2004,Pima Canyon
Gambel's Quail,06/20/2004,Pima Canyon
Generic Swallow,06/20/2004,Pima Canyon,Probably cliff swallows but who knows? I saw these when I was looking up at fat man's pass.
Great Egret,06/20/2004,Pima Canyon,Yes! flying over the desert rocks.
Ladder-backed Woodpecker,06/20/2004,Pima Canyon
Loggerhead Shrike,06/20/2004,Pima Canyon
Mourning Dove,06/20/2004,Pima Canyon
Verdin,06/20/2004,Pima Canyon
White-winged Dove,06/20/2004,Pima Canyon

Pima Canyon    06/20/2004    Dits and Steve and I went before six in the morning and went to Fat Man's Pass. We went up the arroyo and then to the water tank and then up the trail and to that arroyo full of javelina poop with orange peels. It was a long hike that way. I slid down Fat Man's Pass and I ate some peanutbutter crackers. Had some corn nuts too and some cheetos jalepeño chedard crackers. Our thermometers read 105 degrees on the way back, but I don't know. A dog left a train of horses running after a jack rabbit. When we got to the stone houses on the way back, we took the road. It took a little over twenty minutes. The tank is closer to the stone houses than I thought.

Black-throated Sparrow,06/26/2004,Pima Canyon,At the BT cliffs.
Cactus Wren,06/26/2004,Pima Canyon,At the BT cliffs.
Curve-billed Thrasher,06/26/2004,Pima Canyon,At the BT cliffs.
Gambel's Quail,06/26/2004,Pima Canyon
Mourning Dove,06/26/2004,Pima Canyon
Turkey Vulture,06/26/2004,Pima Canyon

Elliot and Cooper Roads    06/26/2004    I went to McDonald's first and Noodles barfed up the sausage mcmuffin with egg that I gave her. We met a guy on the canal road with a dog off the leash. Noodles stayed in the car. I'm going the Fahrenheit 911 this morning and then to Pima Canyon. See you later!
Pima Canyon    06/26/2004    I went to Fahrenheit 911 and then to pima canyon. The movie wasn't very good. I hiked to the stone houses. 106 degrees and not as much wind as lately but it didn't seem very hot. My camel pack nozzle broke off so I don't have that bite valve. I stopped at Tianguis and bought a table for the back yard -- one of those ones that they used to sell at Home Depot. Then I stopped in to a Home Brew place over by Jupe's bar and bought some hops and some hop syrup that I can dribble into beer.

Anna's Hummingbird,06/27/2004,Pima Canyon
Ash-throated Flycatcher,06/27/2004,Pima Canyon
Black-throated Sparrow,06/27/2004,Pima Canyon
Cactus Wren,06/27/2004,Pima Canyon
Canyon Towhee,06/27/2004,Pima Canyon
Curve-billed Thrasher,06/27/2004,Pima Canyon
Gambel's Quail,06/27/2004,Pima Canyon
Generic Swallow,06/27/2004,Pima Canyon
Gila Woodpecker,06/27/2004,Pima Canyon
Gilded Flicker,06/27/2004,Pima Canyon
Ladder-backed Woodpecker,06/27/2004,Pima Canyon
Loggerhead Shrike,06/27/2004,Pima Canyon
Mourning Dove,06/27/2004,Pima Canyon
Northern Mockingbird,06/27/2004,Pima Canyon
Red-tailed Hawk,06/27/2004,Pima Canyon
Rock Dove,06/27/2004,Pima Canyon
Turkey Vulture,06/27/2004,Pima Canyon

Pima Canyon    06/27/2004    I set the alarm for four AM and took Noodles for a walk early. Dits and Steve came at five o'clock. We hiked five hours clean to the top of South Mountain. I brought blue ice substitute. It was overcast -- or at least there always seemed to be a cloud in front of Mr. Yellowface. I had a sandwich with beef and miracle whip and cheese.

Ash-throated Flycatcher,07/01/2004,Pima Canyon
Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,07/01/2004,Pima Canyon,By the stone houses and very tame indeed. In the arroyo there with the verdin. Nice-looking bird.
Gambel's Quail,07/01/2004,Pima Canyon
Gila Woodpecker,07/01/2004,Pima Canyon
Gilded Flicker,07/01/2004,Pima Canyon,Two of them making cactus wren-type hisses and digging a hole!
Mourning Dove,07/01/2004,Pima Canyon
Northern Mockingbird,07/01/2004,Pima Canyon
Verdin,07/01/2004,Pima Canyon
White-winged Dove,07/01/2004,Pima Canyon

Pima Canyon    07/01/2004    Saw little cottontails and ground squirrels. I sprinkled some of Mom's ashes at the BT cliffs and at the stone house canyon there and also on a waterfall coming up. Just one mourning dove at the BT cliffs. Funny; there were almost no cars at 4:30 or so at the place but when I got back at 5:30 or so the place was filling up. People are going there after work apparently. I should start going at 3:30 as before and when I get back there will be no one in the parking lot. I thought the  hot weather scared everyone off by noon. I does on the weekend. I went to work for about five minutes to get a phone number and junk. I'm on vacation for six weeks and today is my first day as the EX ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR.

Anna's Hummingbird,07/02/2004,Pima Canyon,Female with red on the breast. Kind of a lot of red.
Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,07/02/2004,Pima Canyon,At the BT cliffs.
Black-throated Sparrow,07/02/2004,Pima Canyon,At the BT cliffs.
Canyon Wren,07/02/2004,Pima Canyon,Flying by like a mourning dove.
Curve-billed Thrasher,07/02/2004,Pima Canyon
Gambel's Quail,07/02/2004,Pima Canyon
Gila Woodpecker,07/02/2004,Pima Canyon,flying by
Gilded Flicker,07/02/2004,Pima Canyon
Mourning Dove,07/02/2004,Pima Canyon
White-winged Dove,07/02/2004,Pima Canyon

Elliot and Cooper Roads    07/02/2004    I drove by and saw the flag at half mast and I said, "When the hell are you guys gonna drive a stake through Ronnie Reagan's heart?" Jesus, he only died like FOREVER AGO and I only mourned when that worthless, talentless, stumbling, bumbling failure was president. I wonder if the firemen heard me because when I parked in the asphalt parking area because I had just washed my car, they all came out. One said, "How's it going?" I said, "Perfect! It's my 495th trip here today and at 500 I'm sending out invitations." I showed them the jar I had with me and explained that I had to collect a urine specimen from Noodles. Noodles barked and sniffed at them.
Pima Canyon    07/02/2004    Stopped at the vets with Noodles' urine sample and got some incontinence medicine. Went to the stone houses and got back to the car at 4:54. Not many cars in the parking lot at that time. I drank two Boston lagers.

Ash-throated Flycatcher,07/03/2004,Pima Canyon,big one in a tree.
Cactus Wren,07/03/2004,Pima Canyon,at bt cliffs
Curve-billed Thrasher,07/03/2004,Pima Canyon,as usual
Gambel's Quail,07/03/2004,Pima Canyon
Greater Roadrunner,07/03/2004,Pima Canyon,At the parking lot when I was drinking a bottle of Boston Lager.
Mourning Dove,07/03/2004,Pima Canyon

Pima Canyon    07/03/2004    Stopped at the Vet for Noodles' anti biotics. She has a bladder infection so they say. Went up that trail out of the wash that goes the high way and then I headed north a bit and made it up a ways and headed back into Pima Arroyo to the BT cliffs and the tank and stone houses. Not too hot. some good breezes. Started at 3:35 and was by bay 4:50.  Over an hour hike. Wore my other tennis shoes and they were mighty dusty when I got back home.
Generic Place Anywhere    07/03/2004    For some reason there were antelope ground squirrels running all over the place. All down the roads. I forgot Noodles' leash! I tossed her into the water by the pump where it turns west. The pump was raging. Noodles went floating down the canal and spun sideways. I hauled her out. A little later I popped her in again and the same thing happened. She had fun swimming. I drove clean across the area there and had trouble finding my way out.

Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,07/04/2004,Pima Canyon
Black-throated Sparrow,07/04/2004,Pima Canyon
Cactus Wren,07/04/2004,Pima Canyon
Curve-billed Thrasher,07/04/2004,Pima Canyon
Gambel's Quail,07/04/2004,Pima Canyon
Mourning Dove,07/04/2004,Pima Canyon
White-winged Dove,07/04/2004,Pima Canyon

Generic Highway    07/04/2004    No Notes Entered
Pima Canyon    07/04/2004    After I went to the Arboretum I went here. I went a little early. 2:35 or so. Temp was supposed to be 106 but it seemed like 98 or so. Not very hot. Tomorrow will be 108 so they say so I will try again. I went up to the  power lines and marveled at the fact that two boards were holding up a hug length of cable a half a mile long. I went back on the road from the stone houses and then I dropped back into Pima Arroyo and went back. There were some parks guys with a blazer or something with cop lights on the top. They had badges but no guns. I wanted to talk to them about the empty water tank -- the animals have no water! They drove off. I snuck two beers int he car and drank them at the almost deserted parking lot. Two Boston Lagers.
Boyce Thompson Arboretum    07/04/2004    No Notes Entered

Ash-throated Flycatcher,07/05/2004,Pima Canyon,At the BT cliffs.
Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,07/05/2004,Pima Canyon
Cactus Wren,07/05/2004,Pima Canyon
Gambel's Quail,07/05/2004,Pima Canyon,everywhere
Mourning Dove,07/05/2004,Pima Canyon,everywhere

Elliot and Cooper Roads    07/05/2004    Went at around one in the afternoon.
Pima Canyon    07/05/2004    I got back to the parking lot at 629 so I guess I started around 5:30. I had come from the office where I had to make sure everyone got their student evaluation folders even though I'm not asc director anymore. Sheesh, people show up at 6:30. There were fourteen cars at least. there were very few when I arrived. It was supposed to be 107, but it wasn't hot. Tomorrow is supposed to be 110 degrees, so that will be a good day to take a hot hike.

Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,07/06/2004,Pima Canyon,By the BT cliffs!
Black-throated Sparrow,07/06/2004,Pima Canyon,At the BT cliffs!
Cactus Wren,07/06/2004,Pima Canyon,By the BT Cliffs!
Canyon Towhee,07/06/2004,Pima Canyon,By the solstice petroglyph.
Gambel's Quail,07/06/2004,Pima Canyon,By the BT Cliffs!
Gilded Flicker,07/06/2004,Pima Canyon,Steve pointed out this one as it flew by. Good view.
Mourning Dove,07/06/2004,Pima Canyon
Northern Mockingbird,07/06/2004,Pima Canyon

Elliot and Cooper Roads    07/06/2004    Check out the great blue heron note above. Noodles and I went. Nearing 500!
Pima Canyon    07/06/2004    Steve drove over and we went late. I got home at a little before six. Supposed to be 106, but it didn't seem hot although it was hotter than yesterday. Went up to the powerlines and down to the BT cliffs and to the stone houses. No water in the tank and the animals must be thirsty.

Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,07/08/2004,Pima Canyon,At the BT Cliffs.
Black-throated Sparrow,07/08/2004,Pima Canyon,At the BT cliffs. I also saw an immature at cactus wren alley.
Cactus Wren,07/08/2004,Pima Canyon,Two of them at Cactus Wren Alley.
Curve-billed Thrasher,07/08/2004,Pima Canyon,Heard only.
Gambel's Quail,07/08/2004,Pima Canyon,Everwhere.
Mourning Dove,07/08/2004,Pima Canyon,everywhere

Elliot and Cooper Roads    07/08/2004    No Notes Entered
Pima Canyon    07/08/2004    I WAS hot today. Burning the skin type hot. Nice breeze. I went to the stone houses. Back to the parking lot at 4:20. Saw only two other people on the trail.

Black-throated Sparrow,07/15/2004,Pima Canyon,Two between the water tank and the stone houses.
Cactus Wren,07/15/2004,Pima Canyon,One made weird noises. He was the one at the BT cliffs.
Curve-billed Thrasher,07/15/2004,Pima Canyon,Heard Only
Gambel's Quail,07/15/2004,Pima Canyon
Mourning Dove,07/15/2004,Pima Canyon,One whipped around and fluttered in some bushes kind of in a panic. I was worried he might get hurt. I said "You poor thing."

Pima Canyon    07/15/2004    There were only two people I saw, and they were on my way back.

Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,07/19/2004,Pima Canyon,at cactus wren alley and BT cliffs
Black-throated Sparrow,07/19/2004,Pima Canyon,at cactus wren alley and BT cliffs
Cactus Wren,07/19/2004,Pima Canyon,at cactus wren alley
Gila Woodpecker,07/19/2004,Pima Canyon
Mourning Dove,07/19/2004,Pima Canyon

Pima Canyon    07/19/2004    Cactus wren alley was very interesting. AMAZING LIZARDS.

Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,07/21/2004,Pima Canyon,at cactus wren alley and BT cliffs both
Black-throated Sparrow,07/21/2004,Pima Canyon,at BT cliffs
Cactus Wren,07/21/2004,Pima Canyon,At BT cliffs
Curve-billed Thrasher,07/21/2004,Pima Canyon,at CW Alley and BT Cliffs
Gambel's Quail,07/21/2004,Pima Canyon,At BT cliffs
Mourning Dove,07/21/2004,Pima Canyon,very nice

Pima Canyon    07/21/2004    111 degrees Fahrenheit. Took photos for Diamond Mine. Got back to the parking lot at 5:00 and drank two beers. MONKS, COTTN TLS.

Black-throated Sparrow,07/22/2004,Pima Canyon,EXCELLENT view and spectacular as usual. Not at the BT cliffs!
Cactus Wren,07/22/2004,Pima Canyon
Gambel's Quail,07/22/2004,Pima Canyon,At the BT Cliffs and the solstice area.
Gila Woodpecker,07/22/2004,Pima Canyon
Mourning Dove,07/22/2004,Pima Canyon

Pima Canyon    07/22/2004    I went kind of late and for some reason it wasn't hot! it was breezy in the hundreds I guess but not hot. I went down the wash and then turned left for a time and then went to the water tank. No water in the tank or pool. None. I drank a beer on the hike back and I stopped at Copper Canyon on the way home. It wasn't so good.

Black-throated Sparrow,07/27/2004,Pima Canyon,A female right at the parking lot.
Cactus Wren,07/27/2004,Pima Canyon
Gambel's Quail,07/27/2004,Pima Canyon
Mourning Dove,07/27/2004,Pima Canyon

Pima Canyon    07/27/2004    The Democratic convention was going to be on so I left early. I just hiked up to some place where there was this exit out of the wash and drank a beer at a garbage can very near the ring of stones in the road. Then I walked back. THIS WAS THE DAY I PAINTED PAUL SHRAGE'S WALL-- well, actually mine.

Black-throated Sparrow,07/28/2004,Pima Canyon,At the BT cliffs.
Cactus Wren,07/28/2004,Pima Canyon
Gambel's Quail,07/28/2004,Pima Canyon
Mourning Dove,07/28/2004,Pima Canyon

Pima Canyon    07/28/2004    The Democratic Convention is still going on so I left a little early. I walked to the water tank though. No water in it doggone it. I had a beer at the ring of stones and stepped on my glasses in the outhouse at the parking lot. 104 degrees. I can't get enough of this wonderful vacation and this glorious weather.

Canyon Wren,07/30/2004,Pima Canyon
Loggerhead Shrike,07/30/2004,Pima Canyon
White-winged Dove,07/30/2004,Pima Canyon

Elliot and Cooper Roads    07/30/2004    500th TRIP! Sally and Kate and I went after we went to Rosenburg's. We drank Boston Lager behind the firehouse and saw these birds. Noodles came. I had a sip of a bloody Mary as well.
Pima Canyon    07/30/2004    Before Sally and Kate came, I went hiking. I went up the Ridge Line Trail after I came out of Pima Wash. I went to the top. I wanted to walk back along a ridge but it was closed. I know now how to get to the ridge line trail. Went at 10:10 and got home at noon. I had fizzy water. I put it in the fanny pack and two of them in there is too uncomfortable. I think I'm going back to the pack.

Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,07/31/2004,Pima Canyon
Black-throated Sparrow,07/31/2004,Pima Canyon,At first I thought he was a rock wren cause he was out on the rocks.
Gambel's Quail,07/31/2004,Pima Canyon
Mourning Dove,07/31/2004,Pima Canyon
White-winged Dove,07/31/2004,Pima Canyon

Greenfield and Guadalupe Roads    07/31/2004    With Sally and Kate and Noodles. Saw a cockatiel flying by.
Pima Canyon    07/31/2004    I went up on the ridge trail to the top. I drank two beers up there. it was fun. There was some guy who came by. He was a guitar player. We talked about guitars etc. Very hot but so wonderfully windy that it was nice and cool. Almost like the ocean. I walked back a new way with a nice trail. Very comfy.

Gila Woodpecker,08/01/2004,Pima Canyon
Mourning Dove,08/01/2004,Pima Canyon

Elliot and Cooper Roads    08/01/2004    No Notes Entered
Pima Canyon    08/01/2004    Up to the top on the ridge line trail to the flat rock. 108 or so. Very hot going up. Up there I had two beers I enjoyed very much. Then it was cool. No one in sight for a long time. One guy far in the distance onthe trail and then two dumb old bike riders. That's it. Walked back the way I came. Sally and kate will be back from Jeff's at 5:00.

Black-throated Sparrow,08/02/2004,Pima Canyon
Gila Woodpecker,08/02/2004,Pima Canyon

Pima Canyon    08/02/2004    Went up the ridge line trail to the top. Drank a 24-ounce of Natural Light. a guy jogged slowly in over the ridge line trail carrying no water. He was old and red-faced and he kept going by  and down the hill.

Black-throated Sparrow,08/03/2004,Pima Canyon
Mourning Dove,08/03/2004,Pima Canyon,My gosh the glorious flight that these birds do. One came carreening over the ridge high above the deserts and caught the blowing wind clean out over the rolling hills below. Others did much the same.
White-winged Dove,08/03/2004,Pima Canyon,Saw one.

Elliot and Cooper Roads    08/03/2004    Noodles and I went at around 8:00 AM.
Pima Canyon    08/03/2004    No Notes Entered

Canyon Wren,08/11/2004,Pima Canyon,From the very top of the Ridge Line trail he flew.
Gambel's Quail,08/11/2004,Pima Canyon
White-winged Dove,08/11/2004,Pima Canyon

Elliot and Cooper Roads    08/11/2004    Not bad for summer.
Gilbert and Riggs Roads    08/11/2004    Came up the canal behind the pond. Big pond.
Ocotillo and Gilbert Roads    08/11/2004    No Notes Entered
GENERIC PLACE IN CHANDLER    08/11/2004    No Notes Entered
Pima Canyon    08/11/2004    All the way to the top with a Sam Adams Boston Lager. Very peaceful up there. I saw a girl in a sports bra way down below. She had no water. Hotter than heck. Two fat guys walked down the road below. That old guy with the red face came up as I was walking down.

Mourning Dove,08/13/2004,Pima Canyon
Red-tailed Hawk,08/13/2004,Pima Canyon,Flying in the 30-mile-an-hour wind high above the ridge line trail where I was drinking Boston Lager. An immature.
White-winged Dove,08/13/2004,Pima Canyon

McQueen and Elliot Roads    08/13/2004    Just drove across the field. The dirt roads are gone.
Elliot and Cooper Roads    08/13/2004    Noodles and I at, oh, 10:30. LAST DAY OF VACATION!!!
Pima Canyon    08/13/2004    Up to the top of the Ridge Line Trail

Black-throated Sparrow,08/29/2004,Pima Canyon
Curve-billed Thrasher,08/29/2004,Pima Canyon
Gambel's Quail,08/29/2004,Pima Canyon
Gilded Flicker,08/29/2004,Pima Canyon
Turkey Vulture,08/29/2004,Pima Canyon

McQueen and Elliot Roads    08/29/2004    Just whipped over. No birds really. I stopped and looked at that bird's grave. Noodles walked over my Mesquite High.
Elliot and Cooper Roads    08/29/2004    Lots of birds in pond 7.
Pima Canyon    08/29/2004    Went to the top of beer hill at around 1:30 or so. Two couples went by. I searched for 2015 sierra vista but couldn't find it.

Anna's Hummingbird,09/11/2004,Pima Canyon
Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,09/11/2004,Pima Canyon
Black-throated Sparrow,09/11/2004,Pima Canyon
Brewer's Sparrow,09/11/2004,Pima Canyon,Lacked the blank look. It had fine streaking on the head. Notched tail. White eye-ring. Small. Must be a Brewer's sparrow.
Canyon Towhee,09/11/2004,Pima Canyon
Curve-billed Thrasher,09/11/2004,Pima Canyon
Gambel's Quail,09/11/2004,Pima Canyon
Gila Woodpecker,09/11/2004,Pima Canyon,A male flying by. Looked big!
Green-tailed Towhee,09/11/2004,Pima Canyon
Loggerhead Shrike,09/11/2004,Pima Canyon
Peregrine Falcon,09/11/2004,Pima Canyon
Verdin,09/11/2004,Pima Canyon

Pima Canyon    09/11/2004    STEVE AND DITS came by at 6:00 AM and we hiked to FAT MAN'S PASS. Up PIMA ARROYO. I was very fit. Brought grape KOOL-AID. I plowed up the hills and it was like in a dream so fast and effortlessly I could fly up the trail. 90+ degrees. Maybe 98. Slid down fatman's pass.

American Kestrel,09/26/2004,Pima Canyon
Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,09/26/2004,Pima Canyon
Black-throated Sparrow,09/26/2004,Pima Canyon
Cactus Wren,09/26/2004,Pima Canyon
Curve-billed Thrasher,09/26/2004,Pima Canyon
Gambel's Quail,09/26/2004,Pima Canyon
Rock Wren,09/26/2004,Pima Canyon

Elliot and Cooper Roads    09/26/2004    Noodles and I walked. LOTS OF WATER BEHIND THE FIRE STATION AND IN POND 11.
Pima Canyon    09/26/2004    WENT AT 3:30 or so and went up to the top of the hill. The setting sun made different views in the distance. For example, out by the Santans there were mountains with ocre cliffs and a street below looked wider and more interesting. The McDowells or whatever just north of Phoenix looked huge.

American Kestrel,12/11/2004,Pima Canyon
Anna's Hummingbird,12/11/2004,Pima Canyon
Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,12/11/2004,Pima Canyon
Black-throated Sparrow,12/11/2004,Pima Canyon
Cactus Wren,12/11/2004,Pima Canyon
Curve-billed Thrasher,12/11/2004,Pima Canyon
Gambel's Quail,12/11/2004,Pima Canyon
Gila Woodpecker,12/11/2004,Pima Canyon
Gilded Flicker,12/11/2004,Pima Canyon
Loggerhead Shrike,12/11/2004,Pima Canyon,Excellent views of this old saddle shoe.
Mourning Dove,12/11/2004,Pima Canyon
Rock Wren,12/11/2004,Pima Canyon,I heard this bird and then we located him. Ditsworth admired him through the binocs.
Say's Phoebe,12/11/2004,Pima Canyon,He was clean up on top.
Verdin,12/11/2004,Pima Canyon
White-throated Sparrow,12/11/2004,Pima Canyon,THIS CAN'T BE RIGHT. I never saw one here!!!!
White-throated Swift,12/11/2004,Pima Canyon,Up on top I looked at some jets and then saw these swifts ripping along up there over the mountain.

Pima Canyon    12/11/2004    OH WE HIKED A LONG TIME. DITS AND STEVE I GUESS. Clean up to the top clean from Marcos de Nisa rock all the way up. There were Xmas tree bulbs and junk on some bushes way out there. Litterbugs. I would have destroyed them all and packed out the garbage, but the fellows advised against. Still, I left notes reading "666" and "Litterbug" on their trees. Joy should follow my footsteps and I do what I can to make that happen. They ain't comin' back to clean up their mess, friends. Finally, we went down the side o' the moun'un to Desert Classic. From there it was a miles-long hike to Marcos de Nisa rock again. We were surprised how far we had to walk on Desert Classic.  We walked CLEAN up to the top. SOMETHING LIKE 7:45 TO 1:00 to finish the hike.

Anna's Hummingbird,12/28/2004,Pima Canyon
Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,12/28/2004,Pima Canyon,Heard Only and sort of saw.
Verdin,12/28/2004,Pima Canyon

Anna's Hummingbird,01/02/2005,Pima Canyon
Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,01/02/2005,Pima Canyon
Curve-billed Thrasher,01/02/2005,Pima Canyon
Gilded Flicker,01/02/2005,Pima Canyon
House Finch,01/02/2005,Pima Canyon
Red-tailed Hawk,01/02/2005,Pima Canyon
Rock Wren,01/02/2005,Pima Canyon
White-crowned Sparrow,01/02/2005,Pima Canyon

Anna's Hummingbird,04/02/2005,Pima Canyon
Ash-throated Flycatcher,04/02/2005,Pima Canyon
Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,04/02/2005,Pima Canyon
Black-throated Sparrow,04/02/2005,Pima Canyon
Brewer's Sparrow,04/02/2005,Pima Canyon
Cactus Wren,04/02/2005,Pima Canyon
Canyon Towhee,04/02/2005,Pima Canyon
Canyon Wren,04/02/2005,Pima Canyon
Chipping Sparrow,04/02/2005,Pima Canyon
Curve-billed Thrasher,04/02/2005,Pima Canyon
Gambel's Quail,04/02/2005,Pima Canyon
Generic Flycatcher,04/02/2005,Pima Canyon
Gila Woodpecker,04/02/2005,Pima Canyon
Gilded Flicker,04/02/2005,Pima Canyon
House Finch,04/02/2005,Pima Canyon
Lesser Goldfinch,04/02/2005,Pima Canyon
Mourning Dove,04/02/2005,Pima Canyon
Northern Mockingbird,04/02/2005,Pima Canyon
Phainopepla,04/02/2005,Pima Canyon
Rock Wren,04/02/2005,Pima Canyon
Turkey Vulture,04/02/2005,Pima Canyon
Verdin,04/02/2005,Pima Canyon
White-crowned Sparrow,04/02/2005,Pima Canyon

2125 North Villas Lane    04/02/2005    No Notes Entered
Pima Canyon    04/02/2005    Ditsworth and I. Steve had a cold. MY SWIFT AUDUBON ORIGINALS BROKE. We went up Pima Arroyo all the way to the tunnel. It took about an hour to walk back but a lot longer to get there.

Ash-throated Flycatcher,05/20/2005,Pima Canyon
Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,05/20/2005,Pima Canyon
Canyon Wren,05/20/2005,Pima Canyon
Curve-billed Thrasher,05/20/2005,Pima Canyon
Gambel's Quail,05/20/2005,Pima Canyon
Generic Swallow,05/20/2005,Pima Canyon
Mourning Dove,05/20/2005,Pima Canyon
Northern Mockingbird,05/20/2005,Pima Canyon
Rock Wren,05/20/2005,Pima Canyon
Turkey Vulture,05/20/2005,Pima Canyon
White-winged Dove,05/20/2005,Pima Canyon
Wilson's Warbler,05/20/2005,Pima Canyon

Elliot and Cooper Roads    05/20/2005    Getting hot. Went out there. A little pond behind the fire station (Pond 8) but NO water anywhere else. I tried to save a toad again. Put him in the canal. Walked all the way down the canal road. Again, no aqua. I turned on the horse waterer and it filled up.
Pima Canyon    05/20/2005    I COULDN'T GET OUT OF THE SUN and I was SICK and I NEARLY DIED. Oh, this was a TOUGH hike. It was just the same one I have done a million times but God I almost DIED. Yes, I did drink beer up there, but I had a hard time getting up there in the first place. I jumped in the horse trough when I got back. Oh, it was hot. I believe I am not in shape at all. I was dying goiing up that hill. I went and drank beer up there a thousand times last summer, but this time I nearly died even before I got to the beer. There were also BUGS UP THERE AT THE ROCK and they were bugging me. I used the Repel insect repellent but they didn't find it that repellent. BUGS. It was a long long long walk back to the truck. Oh, I was hot. It was only 106 or so -- maybe less. It will be 109 tomorrow.

Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,05/21/2005,Pima Canyon
Gambel's Quail,05/21/2005,Pima Canyon
Gilded Flicker,05/21/2005,Pima Canyon
Mourning Dove,05/21/2005,Pima Canyon

2125 North Villas Lane    05/21/2005    Turdie's back! On the feeder. My ribs are almost healed and I can cough a little now without dying.
Pima Canyon    05/21/2005    Steve and I went for a mighty hike, but we only went an eighth of a mile and then come back. Some guy said he saw an owl up there. Then we bought simco hops at the Home Brew Depot so I could try out the Brew Sack deal that Michelle bought me. I mixed it all up. GOD IT'S HOT. 109? 107? Steve's car wouldn't start when he tried to leave so I had to give him a ride and the car is still out front. Lucky it didn't strand us over at Pima Canyon.

Ash-throated Flycatcher,05/25/2005,Pima Canyon,Pairs more than once. Rufous tails.
Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,05/25/2005,Pima Canyon
Cactus Wren,05/25/2005,Pima Canyon
Canyon Towhee,05/25/2005,Pima Canyon
Canyon Wren,05/25/2005,Pima Canyon,Seen and NOT heard.
Curve-billed Thrasher,05/25/2005,Pima Canyon
Gambel's Quail,05/25/2005,Pima Canyon
Gilded Flicker,05/25/2005,Pima Canyon
Mourning Dove,05/25/2005,Pima Canyon,Very quiet.
Northern Mockingbird,05/25/2005,Pima Canyon
Turkey Vulture,05/25/2005,Pima Canyon

2125 North Villas Lane    05/25/2005    Turdy's back! I painted my patio slab today. Hot as heck.
Pima Canyon    05/25/2005    I took my chair! Oh, it was comfortable. I drank beer out there beyond the BT cliffs and this time it was easy. Very hot but cool in the shade. That's the secret. In the summer, don't climb and don't sit up there on the mountaintop where there is no way to get out of the sun. I used to go up there and heck that was in August and September (hot) too so maybe I'm getting old.

Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,05/26/2005,Pima Canyon
Black-throated Sparrow,05/26/2005,Pima Canyon
Cactus Wren,05/26/2005,Pima Canyon
Gambel's Quail,05/26/2005,Pima Canyon
Gilded Flicker,05/26/2005,Pima Canyon
Mourning Dove,05/26/2005,Pima Canyon

Pima Canyon    05/26/2005    I BROKE MY CHAIR! I went with a 24-ounce coors and a 21-ounce sam adams and decided just to walk a quarter mile or so and I sat down and the darned chair broke. I sat there on the broken chair for an hour. I lay there. I was peaceful. Birds and other animals came by. No people walked by. 3:07-4:30 more or less.

American Kestrel,06/19/2005,Pima Canyon
Anna's Hummingbird,06/19/2005,Pima Canyon
Ash-throated Flycatcher,06/19/2005,Pima Canyon
Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,06/19/2005,Pima Canyon
Black-throated Sparrow,06/19/2005,Pima Canyon,Up on a saguaro eating fruit.
Brown-headed Cowbird,06/19/2005,Pima Canyon
Cactus Wren,06/19/2005,Pima Canyon
Canyon Wren,06/19/2005,Pima Canyon,HEARD ONLY. Heard often.
Curve-billed Thrasher,06/19/2005,Pima Canyon
Gambel's Quail,06/19/2005,Pima Canyon
Gila Woodpecker,06/19/2005,Pima Canyon
Great Horned Owl,06/19/2005,Pima Canyon,He seemed HUGE. Up on a rock.
House Finch,06/19/2005,Pima Canyon
Loggerhead Shrike,06/19/2005,Pima Canyon
Mourning Dove,06/19/2005,Pima Canyon
Northern Mockingbird,06/19/2005,Pima Canyon
Red-tailed Hawk,06/19/2005,Pima Canyon
Rock Wren,06/19/2005,Pima Canyon
Turkey Vulture,06/19/2005,Pima Canyon
Verdin,06/19/2005,Pima Canyon
White-winged Dove,06/19/2005,Pima Canyon,There were many and they were eating saguaro fruit.

2125 North Villas Lane    06/19/2005    No Notes Entered
Pima Canyon    06/19/2005    GREAT HORNED OWL. TIGER RATTLER. BIG HIKE. Present on this excursion was Ditsworth, Thomas; Cole, Thomas; Cole, Stephen; and Cole, Stephen West II. One TIGER RATTLER light granite color. (WHAT? IT'S A SPECKLED RATTLER!!) Very light. Snapped at us and tried to kill us. The Great Horned Owl 'twas very noice. We went all the way to the tunnel via Pima Wash. Lots of loafing. Spent many hours up there. It got to be 105 degrees. I brought my new chair. Wore my white tennies. Went in Ditsworth's new truck.  Went back on the road after National Trail and stopped at the ring of stones.

Ash-throated Flycatcher,06/25/2005,Pima Canyon
Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,06/25/2005,Pima Canyon,Lots of 'em. Seen several places including the BT cliffs where the bt sparrow was also seen.
Black-throated Sparrow,06/25/2005,Pima Canyon,streaked breast. Seen several places including the BT cliffs where the bt gnatcatcher was also seen.
Cactus Wren,06/25/2005,Pima Canyon
Canyon Towhee,06/25/2005,Pima Canyon
Curve-billed Thrasher,06/25/2005,Pima Canyon
Gambel's Quail,06/25/2005,Pima Canyon
Gila Woodpecker,06/25/2005,Pima Canyon
Gilded Flicker,06/25/2005,Pima Canyon,two sightings one of which was very noice indeed.
Mourning Dove,06/25/2005,Pima Canyon
Northern Mockingbird,06/25/2005,Pima Canyon
Turkey Vulture,06/25/2005,Pima Canyon
Verdin,06/25/2005,Pima Canyon
White-winged Dove,06/25/2005,Pima Canyon

2125 North Villas Lane    06/25/2005    No Notes Entered
Pima Canyon    06/25/2005    109 degrees but it didn't seem hot. I went at 3:30 or so. Walked down Pima Arroyo. Breezy. I walked to the water tank. Both BT's at the BT cliffs. I BROKE THE NEW CHAIR! I left it in a garbage can there. Some guy came by when I was at windy rock.

Black-throated Sparrow,06/26/2005,Pima Canyon,At the BT cliffs and elsewhere.
Cactus Wren,06/26/2005,Pima Canyon
Curve-billed Thrasher,06/26/2005,Pima Canyon
Gambel's Quail,06/26/2005,Pima Canyon
Gila Woodpecker,06/26/2005,Pima Canyon
Gilded Flicker,06/26/2005,Pima Canyon
House Finch,06/26/2005,Pima Canyon
Loggerhead Shrike,06/26/2005,Pima Canyon
Mourning Dove,06/26/2005,Pima Canyon
Northern Mockingbird,06/26/2005,Pima Canyon
Verdin,06/26/2005,Pima Canyon

Elliot and Cooper Roads    06/26/2005    No Notes Entered
2125 North Villas Lane    06/26/2005    No Notes Entered
Pima Canyon    06/26/2005    Rather late in the afternoon. Its about 8.5 miles to the place. Walked up to the water tank. Had a beer. No people at first and then a few walked up the road. Hot. Went to the ring of stones. Both BT's at the BT cliffs.

Cactus Wren,07/03/2005,Pima Canyon
Gambel's Quail,07/03/2005,Pima Canyon
Mourning Dove,07/03/2005,Pima Canyon

Pima Canyon    07/03/2005    Just walked up a way. 110 degrees. I drank an arrogant bastard beer and went back. Lots of noisy quail.
2125 North Villas Lane    07/03/2005    No Notes Entered

Abert's Towhee,08/28/2005,Pima Canyon
Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,08/28/2005,Pima Canyon
Curve-billed Thrasher,08/28/2005,Pima Canyon
Gila Woodpecker,08/28/2005,Pima Canyon
Mourning Dove,08/28/2005,Pima Canyon
Verdin,08/28/2005,Pima Canyon

2125 North Villas Lane    08/28/2005    No Notes Entered
Pima Canyon    08/28/2005    Just popped in and walked a hundred feet. All but the Gila were seen in the same tree! 107-112. Hurricane heading for New Orleans.

Abert's Towhee,09/17/2005,Pima Canyon
Anna's Hummingbird,09/17/2005,Pima Canyon
Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,09/17/2005,Pima Canyon
Black-throated Sparrow,09/17/2005,Pima Canyon
Cactus Wren,09/17/2005,Pima Canyon
Canyon Towhee,09/17/2005,Pima Canyon
Curve-billed Thrasher,09/17/2005,Pima Canyon
European Starling,09/17/2005,Pima Canyon
Gambel's Quail,09/17/2005,Pima Canyon
Gila Woodpecker,09/17/2005,Pima Canyon
Great-tailed Grackle,09/17/2005,Pima Canyon
Green-tailed Towhee,09/17/2005,Pima Canyon,Very bright rufous head. Saw only one. Ditsworth only saw it with the naked eye. He had binocs but didn't use them for this bird.
House Finch,09/17/2005,Pima Canyon
Inca Dove,09/17/2005,Pima Canyon
Loggerhead Shrike,09/17/2005,Pima Canyon
MacGillivray's Warbler,09/17/2005,Pima Canyon
Mourning Dove,09/17/2005,Pima Canyon
Northern Mockingbird,09/17/2005,Pima Canyon
Red-tailed Hawk,09/17/2005,Pima Canyon
Rock Wren,09/17/2005,Pima Canyon
Verdin,09/17/2005,Pima Canyon
Wilson's Warbler,09/17/2005,Pima Canyon

Pima Canyon    09/17/2005    Oh, did we hike. We went up Pima Wash and then took the Mormon Loop Trail all the way to the National Trail until we reached Fat Man's Pass. Then we walked that trail for hikers only to the Tunnel. Finally we walked back on the National Trail. I got back clean to the stone houses before I had finished my first fizzy water. Dits steve and I

Abert's Towhee,10/15/2005,Pima Canyon
Anna's Hummingbird,10/15/2005,Pima Canyon
Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,10/15/2005,Pima Canyon
Black-throated Sparrow,10/15/2005,Pima Canyon
Brewer's Sparrow,10/15/2005,Pima Canyon
Cactus Wren,10/15/2005,Pima Canyon
Canyon Towhee,10/15/2005,Pima Canyon
Curve-billed Thrasher,10/15/2005,Pima Canyon
European Starling,10/15/2005,Pima Canyon
Gambel's Quail,10/15/2005,Pima Canyon
Gila Woodpecker,10/15/2005,Pima Canyon
Great Horned Owl,10/15/2005,Pima Canyon
House Finch,10/15/2005,Pima Canyon
Loggerhead Shrike,10/15/2005,Pima Canyon
Mourning Dove,10/15/2005,Pima Canyon
Northern Mockingbird,10/15/2005,Pima Canyon
Red-naped Sapsucker,10/15/2005,Pima Canyon
Rock Wren,10/15/2005,Pima Canyon
Verdin,10/15/2005,Pima Canyon
Western Kingbird,10/15/2005,Pima Canyon

2125 North Villas Lane    10/15/2005    No Notes Entered
Pima Canyon    10/15/2005    Sally, Dits, Steve, and Tom (That's me!) Went in Dits's truck. My air conditioning is out. I wore my white tennis shoes. (See September 21, 2003) Oh, did we hike. Clean up the Mormon trail and then up the wash to National and down to Fat Man's Pass and then to the Tunnel and back on the National Trail and home on the dirt road. We saw a RATTLESNAKE! He was rattling and seemed to be a diamond back or perhaps a black-tailed or mojave. Slid down Fat Man's Pass. Oh, did we have a big time!

Abert's Towhee,11/06/2005,Pima Canyon
Ash-throated Flycatcher,11/06/2005,Pima Canyon
Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,11/06/2005,Pima Canyon
Black-throated Sparrow,11/06/2005,Pima Canyon
Cactus Wren,11/06/2005,Pima Canyon
Gambel's Quail,11/06/2005,Pima Canyon
Generic Hawk,11/06/2005,Pima Canyon,We thought it might be a peregrine falcon. We saw it from the stone house.
Gila Woodpecker,11/06/2005,Pima Canyon
Gilded Flicker,11/06/2005,Pima Canyon
House Finch,11/06/2005,Pima Canyon
Loggerhead Shrike,11/06/2005,Pima Canyon
Mourning Dove,11/06/2005,Pima Canyon
Northern Mockingbird,11/06/2005,Pima Canyon
Rock Wren,11/06/2005,Pima Canyon
White-crowned Sparrow,11/06/2005,Pima Canyon

Pima Canyon    11/06/2005    SALLY, TOM, CHRIS, ELENA, STEVE. We went to the stone houses. I had a beer at the ring of stones at the end of the hike. We saw squirrels and junk. Oh, What a big time we had. Steve met us on the trail.
Elliot and Cooper Roads    11/06/2005    Christopher, Elena, Sally, Steve, Sonny. SIX HUNDREDTH TRIP 600 600 600. We met out there before we went to Pima Canyon. The gate was open so we walked all the way in and got the OC warbler and junk. Oh, what a BIG TIME we had!!!

Anna's Hummingbird,12/21/2005,Pima Canyon
Ash-throated Flycatcher,12/21/2005,Pima Canyon
Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,12/21/2005,Pima Canyon
Black-throated Sparrow,12/21/2005,Pima Canyon
Cactus Wren,12/21/2005,Pima Canyon
Gambel's Quail,12/21/2005,Pima Canyon
Loggerhead Shrike,12/21/2005,Pima Canyon,Singing like a CB thrasher.
Mourning Dove,12/21/2005,Pima Canyon
Northern Mockingbird,12/21/2005,Pima Canyon
Rock Dove,12/21/2005,Pima Canyon
Verdin,12/21/2005,Pima Canyon
White-crowned Sparrow,12/21/2005,Pima Canyon

Pima Canyon    12/21/2005    I went to the doctor today and then I talked to Sally on the phone as Fema had wired 10,000 bucks into her bank account and then I went to Pima Canyon for a little while. I just walked down a ways. I have a VIVA IDIOT bumper sticker.

Anna's Hummingbird,12/27/2005,Pima Canyon
Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,12/27/2005,Pima Canyon
Black-throated Sparrow,12/27/2005,Pima Canyon
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher,12/27/2005,Pima Canyon,tail white underneath. One had a sliver of dark up the middle under the tail.
Brewer's Sparrow,12/27/2005,Pima Canyon
Cactus Wren,12/27/2005,Pima Canyon
Green-tailed Towhee,12/27/2005,Pima Canyon
Northern Mockingbird,12/27/2005,Pima Canyon
Rock Wren,12/27/2005,Pima Canyon
Verdin,12/27/2005,Pima Canyon
White-crowned Sparrow,12/27/2005,Pima Canyon

Pima Canyon    12/27/2005    I bought a DVD player at the super target or walmart and came over here for a little while. Everyone seemed to be on vacation and so it was very noisy with kids. No one came down the wash, though. Then, I went to see Walk the Line, about Johnny Cash. It stank. Lousy movie.
Greenfield and Guadalupe Roads    12/27/2005    No Notes Entered
Elliot and Cooper Roads    12/27/2005    No Notes Entered

Anna's Hummingbird,01/04/2006,Pima Canyon
Black-throated Sparrow,01/04/2006,Pima Canyon
Brewer's Sparrow,01/04/2006,Pima Canyon
Peregrine Falcon,01/04/2006,Pima Canyon
Verdin,01/04/2006,Pima Canyon
White-crowned Sparrow,01/04/2006,Pima Canyon

Elliot and Cooper Roads    01/04/2006    No Notes Entered
Pima Canyon    01/04/2006    I dropped in on Steve early in the morning after going to E&C Roads before dawn and we went to Pima Canyon.

Anna's Hummingbird,03/04/2006,Pima Canyon
Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,03/04/2006,Pima Canyon
Black-throated Sparrow,03/04/2006,Pima Canyon
Brewer's Sparrow,03/04/2006,Pima Canyon
Cactus Wren,03/04/2006,Pima Canyon
Canyon Wren,03/04/2006,Pima Canyon,Oh was he RED. Very RUDDY or RED. We both agreed. He was down in the place where the petroglyph shades his eyes.
Cooper's Hawk,03/04/2006,Pima Canyon
Costa's Hummingbird,03/04/2006,Pima Canyon
Curve-billed Thrasher,03/04/2006,Pima Canyon
European Starling,03/04/2006,Pima Canyon
Gambel's Quail,03/04/2006,Pima Canyon
Gila Woodpecker,03/04/2006,Pima Canyon
Gilded Flicker,03/04/2006,Pima Canyon
Golden Eagle,03/04/2006,Pima Canyon
Green-tailed Towhee,03/04/2006,Pima Canyon
House Finch,03/04/2006,Pima Canyon
Ladder-backed Woodpecker,03/04/2006,Pima Canyon
Lincoln's Sparrow,03/04/2006,Pima Canyon
Loggerhead Shrike,03/04/2006,Pima Canyon
Mourning Dove,03/04/2006,Pima Canyon
Rock Wren,03/04/2006,Pima Canyon
Verdin,03/04/2006,Pima Canyon
White-crowned Sparrow,03/04/2006,Pima Canyon

Pima Canyon    03/04/2006    DITS AND I WENT. We walked around back and wound up in the arroyo leading to the water tanks. We loafed around the tanks for a time and then went back. Not as long a trip as usual. We fed the squirrels there at the tank. We went up a side trail. We went to that Mexican place where you buy junk on Avenida del Yaqui and I bought a turquoise mask that looked a little like Noodles.  Millie the dog was there. Then we ate at the Yaqui Restaurant which used to be El Taquito. Some hispanic punks were there and made gang signs. What worthless shit they are.

Abert's Towhee,05/23/2006,Pima Canyon,Saw him while I was coming up the road.
Ash-throated Flycatcher,05/23/2006,Pima Canyon,Yellow and white up middle with sides of breast darker.
Black-throated Sparrow,05/23/2006,Pima Canyon
Cactus Wren,05/23/2006,Pima Canyon
Canyon Towhee,05/23/2006,Pima Canyon
Cliff Swallow,05/23/2006,Pima Canyon
Costa's Hummingbird,05/23/2006,Pima Canyon
Curve-billed Thrasher,05/23/2006,Pima Canyon
Gambel's Quail,05/23/2006,Pima Canyon
Generic Flycatcher,05/23/2006,Pima Canyon
House Sparrow,05/23/2006,Pima Canyon
Mourning Dove,05/23/2006,Pima Canyon
Northern Mockingbird,05/23/2006,Pima Canyon
Orange-crowned Warbler,05/23/2006,Pima Canyon
Red-tailed Hawk,05/23/2006,Pima Canyon
Verdin,05/23/2006,Pima Canyon
White-winged Dove,05/23/2006,Pima Canyon
Wilson's Warbler,05/23/2006,Pima Canyon

Pima Canyon    05/23/2006    I went with my new toothache as my old root canal seems to be failing. I was tired and a little hot. I went a mile down or so, but not as far as the BT cliffs. Lots of rabbits, antelope ground squirrels, rock squirrels, lizards, bees, and one giant chuckwalla on a rock overlooking the road.

Abert's Towhee,05/29/2006,Pima Canyon
Ash-throated Flycatcher,05/29/2006,Pima Canyon
Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,05/29/2006,Pima Canyon
Black-throated Sparrow,05/29/2006,Pima Canyon
Cactus Wren,05/29/2006,Pima Canyon
Cliff Swallow,05/29/2006,Pima Canyon
Gambel's Quail,05/29/2006,Pima Canyon
Mourning Dove,05/29/2006,Pima Canyon
Red-tailed Hawk,05/29/2006,Pima Canyon
Turkey Vulture,05/29/2006,Pima Canyon
Verdin,05/29/2006,Pima Canyon
White-winged Dove,05/29/2006,Pima Canyon

2125 North Villas Lane    05/29/2006    No Notes Entered
Pima Canyon    05/29/2006    Steve and I went at 2:00 or so. We went to the water tank. There was a guy from New York with two horses. Steve remembered him and told him he remembered the Queens Burro. Get it? I didn't see the ring of stones on the way back. It was hot. We took my truck. Lots of CHUCKWALLAS peering over the tops of cliffs. How they do that in the burning heat I can't say. We went back and I swam for the first time in Steve's new pool. We saw Sonny. I rushed back to watch Judge Judy at 4:00. I made it on time and watched the two half-hours shows.

Ash-throated Flycatcher,06/03/2006,Pima Canyon
Cactus Wren,06/03/2006,Pima Canyon
Gambel's Quail,06/03/2006,Pima Canyon
Gila Woodpecker,06/03/2006,Pima Canyon
Mourning Dove,06/03/2006,Pima Canyon
White-winged Dove,06/03/2006,Pima Canyon

Pima Canyon    06/03/2006    Dits bailed. Steve bailed. I went alone at 3:00. I went down the arroyo and it was 112 and I stopped by that smiley face 'cause there was shade there. I finally walked out of the arroyo onto the road. I drank two Black Butte porters at the ring of stones. The ring of stones isn't as obvious as it used to be.

Anna's Hummingbird,07/29/2006,Pima Canyon
Black-throated Sparrow,07/29/2006,Pima Canyon
Cactus Wren,07/29/2006,Pima Canyon
Canyon Wren,07/29/2006,Pima Canyon
Curve-billed Thrasher,07/29/2006,Pima Canyon
Gambel's Quail,07/29/2006,Pima Canyon
House Finch,07/29/2006,Pima Canyon
Mourning Dove,07/29/2006,Pima Canyon
Northern Mockingbird,07/29/2006,Pima Canyon
Verdin,07/29/2006,Pima Canyon
White-throated Swift,07/29/2006,Pima Canyon

Pima Canyon    07/29/2006    Went with Dits at 6:00. His son, stephen, came. Hiked clean up the National Trail and to the tunnel and out the Mormon Trail. I wore my white tennis shoes. WE SAW A SPECKLED RATTLESNAKE! It wasn't very hot. Mostly overcast until the end and in the 80s. Saw the ring of stone. Got hot at the end.

Black-throated Sparrow,11/26/2006,Pima Canyon
Curve-billed Thrasher,11/26/2006,Pima Canyon
Gambel's Quail,11/26/2006,Pima Canyon
Rock Wren,11/26/2006,Pima Canyon
Yellow-rumped Warbler,11/26/2006,Pima Canyon

Pima Canyon    11/26/2006    Steve and I went and he hit 1000 miles finally. We went up the Mormon trail and up that wash and then came back.

Anna's Hummingbird,01/03/2007,Pima Canyon
Black-throated Sparrow,01/03/2007,Pima Canyon
Cactus Wren,01/03/2007,Pima Canyon
Curve-billed Thrasher,01/03/2007,Pima Canyon
Gambel's Quail,01/03/2007,Pima Canyon
Gilded Flicker,01/03/2007,Pima Canyon,We saw it as we drove up. It flew over the road and up in a paloverde tree.
Northern Mockingbird,01/03/2007,Pima Canyon

Pima Canyon    01/03/2007    Steve and I went after we turned in my CD burner at Fry's electronics. Then we went up to the water tank. Then we went to REI and Steve bought a new water filter that pumps. He is very excited. Nice weather.

Ash-throated Flycatcher,03/14/2007,Pima Canyon
Black-throated Sparrow,03/14/2007,Pima Canyon
Cactus Wren,03/14/2007,Pima Canyon
Curve-billed Thrasher,03/14/2007,Pima Canyon
European Starling,03/14/2007,Pima Canyon
Gambel's Quail,03/14/2007,Pima Canyon
Gilded Flicker,03/14/2007,Pima Canyon
Gray Flycatcher,03/14/2007,Pima Canyon,Pumped its tail
Great-tailed Grackle,03/14/2007,Pima Canyon
Verdin,03/14/2007,Pima Canyon

Pima Canyon    03/14/2007    Steve and I went at around noon. Nice. Not many people around. We went over towards the Javelina Trail and then went up an arroyo and looked at a mine. Then we went up on a ridge and down. There was some guy far below us with a hood and sweatsuit. What a nut.

Abert's Towhee,12/30/2007,Pima Canyon
Black-throated Sparrow,12/30/2007,Pima Canyon
Cactus Wren,12/30/2007,Pima Canyon
Curve-billed Thrasher,12/30/2007,Pima Canyon
Gambel's Quail,12/30/2007,Pima Canyon
Gila Woodpecker,12/30/2007,Pima Canyon
Gilded Flicker,12/30/2007,Pima Canyon
Mourning Dove,12/30/2007,Pima Canyon
Verdin,12/30/2007,Pima Canyon
White-crowned Sparrow,12/30/2007,Pima Canyon

Pima Canyon    12/30/2007    Steve and I went and we cooked crappy clam chowder. We crossed the golf course. There were so many cars as it was Sunday.

Black-throated Sparrow,01/12/2008,Pima Canyon
Canyon Wren,01/12/2008,Pima Canyon
Gilded Flicker,01/12/2008,Pima Canyon
Loggerhead Shrike,01/12/2008,Pima Canyon,FIRST ONE SEEN FOR AGES AROUND TOWN.
Northern Cardinal,01/12/2008,Pima Canyon
Red-tailed Hawk,01/12/2008,Pima Canyon
Verdin,01/12/2008,Pima Canyon

Pima Canyon    01/12/2008    CHOWDER HIKE. Sunday, so there were a lot of people.

Abert's Towhee,02/16/2008,Pima Canyon
Anna's Hummingbird,02/16/2008,Pima Canyon
Black-throated Sparrow,02/16/2008,Pima Canyon
Curve-billed Thrasher,02/16/2008,Pima Canyon
Gambel's Quail,02/16/2008,Pima Canyon
Mourning Dove,02/16/2008,Pima Canyon
Northern Mockingbird,02/16/2008,Pima Canyon
Red-tailed Hawk,02/16/2008,Pima Canyon
Verdin,02/16/2008,Pima Canyon
White-crowned Sparrow,02/16/2008,Pima Canyon

Pima Canyon    02/16/2008    Sally and I went. This is the day we went to the place on Avenida del Yaqui and bought statues of animals and decorations of fish and junk for my house.

Ash-throated Flycatcher,05/21/2008,Pima Canyon
Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,05/21/2008,Pima Canyon
Black-throated Sparrow,05/21/2008,Pima Canyon
Cactus Wren,05/21/2008,Pima Canyon
Gambel's Quail,05/21/2008,Pima Canyon
Gila Woodpecker,05/21/2008,Pima Canyon
Gray Flycatcher,05/21/2008,Pima Canyon,Yes he pumped his tail down.
Green-tailed Towhee,05/21/2008,Pima Canyon
House Finch,05/21/2008,Pima Canyon
Townsend's Warbler,05/21/2008,Pima Canyon
Turkey Vulture,05/21/2008,Pima Canyon
Verdin,05/21/2008,Pima Canyon
Western Tanager,05/21/2008,Pima Canyon,Nice male.
White-winged Dove,05/21/2008,Pima Canyon
Wilson's Warbler,05/21/2008,Pima Canyon

Pima Canyon    05/21/2008    What a traffic jam at 8:00 on 48th. Terrible. Yesterday I got a ROOT CANAL. I walked up to the water tank and back. BT Cliffs etc.

Black-throated Sparrow,06/15/2008,Pima Canyon
Cactus Wren,06/15/2008,Pima Canyon
Canyon Towhee,06/15/2008,Pima Canyon,He was very rufous underneath. Chirped.
Curve-billed Thrasher,06/15/2008,Pima Canyon
Gambel's Quail,06/15/2008,Pima Canyon
Gilded Flicker,06/15/2008,Pima Canyon
White-winged Dove,06/15/2008,Pima Canyon

Pima Canyon    06/15/2008    112 degrees. I went to the water tank. At first it was hard, but then it was okay. I tripped and fell just before the BT cliffs. Messed up the alignment of my ribs and hip. HOTTER THAN HELL. Excellent hike. I photographed the ring of stone. I loved this walk!

Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,06/21/2008,Pima Canyon
Black-throated Sparrow,06/21/2008,Pima Canyon
Cactus Wren,06/21/2008,Pima Canyon
Curve-billed Thrasher,06/21/2008,Pima Canyon
Gambel's Quail,06/21/2008,Pima Canyon
Gilded Flicker,06/21/2008,Pima Canyon
Mourning Dove,06/21/2008,Pima Canyon
White-winged Dove,06/21/2008,Pima Canyon

Pima Canyon    06/21/2008    Thomas Wood and Steve and I went. Oh, we had a big time. War dance at the Ring of Stones. It was VERY hot. We went at 3:00 or so. We looked at the petroglyphs and corn grinding holes. Cactus Wren Alley lived up to its name beautifully and we got both BT's (black-tailed gnatcatcher AND black-throated sparrow) at the BT Cliffs.  After our hike, we toasted our adventure over a bottle of Negra Modelo beer in my hybrid room.

Abert's Towhee,07/27/2008,Pima Canyon
Ash-throated Flycatcher,07/27/2008,Pima Canyon
Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,07/27/2008,Pima Canyon
Black-throated Sparrow,07/27/2008,Pima Canyon
Cactus Wren,07/27/2008,Pima Canyon
Canyon Wren,07/27/2008,Pima Canyon
Gila Woodpecker,07/27/2008,Pima Canyon
Gilded Flicker,07/27/2008,Pima Canyon
Great Horned Owl,07/27/2008,Pima Canyon
House Finch,07/27/2008,Pima Canyon
Loggerhead Shrike,07/27/2008,Pima Canyon
Mourning Dove,07/27/2008,Pima Canyon
Northern Cardinal,07/27/2008,Pima Canyon
Verdin,07/27/2008,Pima Canyon
White-winged Dove,07/27/2008,Pima Canyon

Pima Canyon    07/27/2008    Went with Steve and Thomas Wood. We went up the arroyo to Fat Man's Pass and back on National. It was a long, hot hike. Afterwards we bubbled around in Thomas's pool.

Abert's Towhee,05/30/2009,Pima Canyon
Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,05/30/2009,Pima Canyon
Cactus Wren,05/30/2009,Pima Canyon
Gambel's Quail,05/30/2009,Pima Canyon
Loggerhead Shrike,05/30/2009,Pima Canyon,This shrike was on top of a saguaro as we walked back on the road. It was a little skinny but obviously a shrike. A mockingbird was on top of another saguaro.
Mourning Dove,05/30/2009,Pima Canyon
Northern Mockingbird,05/30/2009,Pima Canyon
Verdin,05/30/2009,Pima Canyon
White-winged Dove,05/30/2009,Pima Canyon

Pima Canyon    05/30/2009    Steve and I went. It was a nice walk. Hot. Going up the sandy arroyo was harder than going down the road. The ring of stones was clearly seen and we noted that it was near a saguaro with an odd arm, so we can find it again easily.

Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,06/07/2009,Pima Canyon
Cactus Wren,06/07/2009,Pima Canyon
Canyon Towhee,06/07/2009,Pima Canyon
Curve-billed Thrasher,06/07/2009,Pima Canyon
Gambel's Quail,06/07/2009,Pima Canyon
Gila Woodpecker,06/07/2009,Pima Canyon
Loggerhead Shrike,06/07/2009,Pima Canyon
Mourning Dove,06/07/2009,Pima Canyon
Northern Mockingbird,06/07/2009,Pima Canyon
Verdin,06/07/2009,Pima Canyon
White-winged Dove,06/07/2009,Pima Canyon

Pima Canyon    06/07/2009    Steve and I went. That makes two weekends in a row after ten months of not visiting. Ten months! Could that be? It's true. Not too hot although we went. From the Journal: Steve and I went to Pima Canyon. I noticed my tire looked funny. There was a screw in it. It was Sunday and the only place open was Firestone. The guy there showed me that my tires were all at death's door. It had been 2004 when I replaced them all. He couldn't fix the tire anyway because the hole was too close to the edge and the tire was too old to fix according to company rules. He sold me four more and fixed the alignment. The tires I had were HUGE. The new ones are the correct size.

Anna's Hummingbird,06/14/2009,Pima Canyon
Ash-throated Flycatcher,06/14/2009,Pima Canyon
Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,06/14/2009,Pima Canyon
Black-throated Sparrow,06/14/2009,Pima Canyon
Cactus Wren,06/14/2009,Pima Canyon
Curve-billed Thrasher,06/14/2009,Pima Canyon,We threw him calabaza seeds and he ate them. This was at the picnic tables. There were a lot of CB thrashers around.
Gambel's Quail,06/14/2009,Pima Canyon
Gila Woodpecker,06/14/2009,Pima Canyon
Gilded Flicker,06/14/2009,Pima Canyon,Steve and I went.
Greater Roadrunner,06/14/2009,Pima Canyon,TWO OF THEM. Very big. Right on the trail.
House Finch,06/14/2009,Pima Canyon
Lesser Nighthawk,06/14/2009,Pima Canyon,Steve saw this first. He flew up an arroyo and then I went up and there were TWO of them.
Mourning Dove,06/14/2009,Pima Canyon
Northern Mockingbird,06/14/2009,Pima Canyon
Red-tailed Hawk,06/14/2009,Pima Canyon
Verdin,06/14/2009,Pima Canyon
White-winged Dove,06/14/2009,Pima Canyon

Pima Canyon    06/14/2009    Steve and I went. That makes three weekends in a row. We went

Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,10/15/2009,Pima Canyon
Black-throated Sparrow,10/15/2009,Pima Canyon
Cactus Wren,10/15/2009,Pima Canyon,verdin
Generic Flycatcher,10/15/2009,Pima Canyon,Some epid with a sharp edge to the eye ring in the corner. Green or grayish.
Gila Woodpecker,10/15/2009,Pima Canyon
Greater Roadrunner,10/15/2009,Pima Canyon
Northern Mockingbird,10/15/2009,Pima Canyon

Pima Canyon    10/15/2009    I went up at two o'clock and just was going to walk up a ways but then thought, "What the heck?" and went up to the water tank. No one there up the wash. Nice. Good workout. Walked back on the road and missed the ring of stones. Nice day. Antelope ground squirrels.

Anna's Hummingbird,2/28/2010,Pima Canyon
Cactus Wren,2/28/2010,Pima Canyon
Curve-billed Thrasher,2/28/2010,Pima Canyon
Gambel's Quail,2/28/2010,Pima Canyon
Northern Mockingbird,2/28/2010,Pima Canyon
Red-tailed Hawk,2/28/2010,Pima Canyon
Verdin,2/28/2010,Pima Canyon
White-crowned Sparrow,2/28/2010,Pima Canyon
Anna's Hummingbird,12/28/2010,Pima Canyon,heard only
Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,12/28/2010,Pima Canyon,heard only
Black-throated Sparrow,12/28/2010,Pima Canyon,In a bush. I heard him first.
Cactus Wren,12/28/2010,Pima Canyon,out in the parking lot when we came back
Curve-billed Thrasher,12/28/2010,Pima Canyon,heard only
House Finch,12/28/2010,Pima Canyon,nice red ones
Red-tailed Hawk,12/28/2010,Pima Canyon,flying high. Seemed dark.
Rock Wren,12/28/2010,Pima Canyon,Steve and I saw him. We had gone up that trail by the saguaro. The dusty white trail that leads to the hyerogliphics. The trailed I used to go with beer and go to the top of the mountain to drink it in 2004. WELL the wren was on a rock up there. NICE VIEW.
Say's Phoebe,12/28/2010,Pima Canyon,WAY WAY UP HIGH in the cliffs. He went to the top of a bush way up there.
Verdin,12/28/2010,Pima Canyon,seen and heard
White-crowned Sparrow,12/28/2010,Pima Canyon,Still a lot here.

Pima Canyon    2/28/2010    Not very birdy! Bill Butler and his wife and I went. I met them there at 11:30. It had been raining all morning but radar said it would soon let up, and it did. Bill and I walked to the water tank and the stone houses. We looked at the table-shaped rocks. We saw the BT cliffs, cactus wren alley and all of the other places. Saw the corn holes. Saw the soltice petroglyph and the rainbow people holding hands, the coyote skull place, the place where I used to slide down, AND the RING OF STONES, where I guzzled a WHOLE BOSTON LAGER as I danced around the circle. Actually, Bill spotted the ring of stones first. He was surprised that I slammed down the whole beer in one swig, but that is the Pima Canyon way.
Pima Canyon    12/28/2010    I took a pill. I had fun. Steve and I went, but not quite to the TANK. We ate ham sandwiches and oreos inthe wash. We wore levis. We went back on the road. Short walk really. I went back and talked to Nicaragua. THERE WAS AN ANIMAL TRAIL WHOSE PICTURE I TOOK.

Ash-throated Flycatcher,6/1/2010,Pima Canyon,three of them FIGHTING. I saw the ATFC in three places: on the way to the tank at the tank and on the road back.
Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,6/1/2010,Pima Canyon,At Windy Rock.
Cactus Wren,6/1/2010,Pima Canyon,a very nice specimen indeed.
Canyon Towhee,6/1/2010,Pima Canyon,Nice one that was intrepid. On the cliff.
Curve-billed Thrasher,6/1/2010,Pima Canyon
Gambel's Quail,6/1/2010,Pima Canyon
Gila Woodpecker,6/1/2010,Pima Canyon
House Finch,6/1/2010,Pima Canyon
Mourning Dove,6/1/2010,Pima Canyon
Northern Mockingbird,6/1/2010,Pima Canyon
Turkey Vulture,6/1/2010,Pima Canyon,Oh he was MAGNIF!
Verdin,6/1/2010,Pima Canyon
White-winged Dove,6/1/2010,Pima Canyon

Pima Canyon    6/1/2010    Went for a hot hike at around three having stopped at the guitar center. There was a Nashville tele there. It wasn't very hot. Horsetail clouds blocked a lot of the sun too. One girl hiking out when I went into the arroyo and one guy jogged past me at the BT Cliffs. ROCK SQUIRREL, and a BIG OLE CHUCKWALLA at Windy Rock. Ground squirrels too. Lizaards. I saw a big dragonfly and flame whatever they call 'em. Dance at the Ring of Stones with one Boston Lager. Turned me into a monster.

Black-throated Sparrow,6/7/2010,Pima Canyon,Immatures with streaked breasts
Cactus Wren,6/7/2010,Pima Canyon,Right at Cactus Wren Alley and he jumped up on the cliff just to advertise the place!
Canyon Towhee,6/7/2010,Pima Canyon,I trapped him in a cave in the cliff. He flew around in there and then got the nerve to fly out.
Curve-billed Thrasher,6/7/2010,Pima Canyon
Gambel's Quail,6/7/2010,Pima Canyon
Mourning Dove,6/7/2010,Pima Canyon
Western Flycatcher,6/7/2010,Pima Canyon,Very yellow. Eye ring and wing bars. Flicked tail UP.

Elliot and Cooper Roads    6/7/2010    Another good day. I went here after reading a Spanish mystery for 3 hours.
Pima Canyon    6/7/2010    110 degrees, so I went to do my hot hike. Not as much ice water as I should have brought. Very very hot. Nice, cool breeze. Up to the water tank and back. Beer at the ring of stones. Last of the notebook. Cactus Wren alley a big success.

Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,6/19/2010,Pima Canyon
Cactus Wren,6/19/2010,Pima Canyon
Gambel's Quail,6/19/2010,Pima Canyon
House Finch,6/19/2010,Pima Canyon
Mourning Dove,6/19/2010,Pima Canyon
Northern Rough-winged Swallow,6/19/2010,Pima Canyon
Verdin,6/19/2010,Pima Canyon
White-winged Dove,6/19/2010,Pima Canyon

Elliot and Cooper Roads    6/19/2010    I HAVE NOTHING TO SAY ABOUT THIS VISIT.
Pima Canyon    6/19/2010    I brought tons of cold water, beer, and ice, but I didn't really have the ganas to do the hike. I walked up a little past that trail up with the saguaro on the left where there is desert pavement and you're up high. I saw the gnatcatcher there and the canned wren. Then I walked back and drove home.

Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,6/24/2010,Pima Canyon,At cactus wr alley. There were a whole lot of these. Like eight of them. They were intrepid.
Cactus Wren,6/24/2010,Pima Canyon,Just one at cactus w alley and at other places a couple.
Curve-billed Thrasher,6/24/2010,Pima Canyon
Gambel's Quail,6/24/2010,Pima Canyon
Mourning Dove,6/24/2010,Pima Canyon
Northern Mockingbird,6/24/2010,Pima Canyon
White-winged Dove,6/24/2010,Pima Canyon

Pima Canyon    6/24/2010    About 113 degrees out. Maybe 114. Went at 3:30. Very good hike. Some cool breezes. I went to the water tank. Not many people at that temp. I had a Tap Room #21 Pale ale at the ring of stones. Felt invigorated by the hike. Very invigorating. Some slim girl jogged by. I was in the swim too like her still alive and seizing life by its antlers. Excellent hike. You see, Sally just left as I helped her withher book on createspace and she left at around two thirty.

Cactus Wren,6/29/2010,Pima Canyon
Curve-billed Thrasher,6/29/2010,Pima Canyon,An awful lot of these.
Gambel's Quail,6/29/2010,Pima Canyon
Gila Woodpecker,6/29/2010,Pima Canyon
House Finch,6/29/2010,Pima Canyon
Mourning Dove,6/29/2010,Pima Canyon
White-winged Dove,6/29/2010,Pima Canyon

Pima Canyon    6/29/2010    Went over at 3:30 or so, and it was some 110 or 109 degrees. Lots of water, but I forgot to pack a wet T-shirt in a bag of ice. Boston Lager at the ring of stones.
Elliot and Cooper Roads    6/29/2010    Steve met me at the bank, and then we went here. Afterwards, we went to Home Depot to look at swamp coolers.

Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,7/27/2010,Pima Canyon
Gambel's Quail,7/27/2010,Pima Canyon
Mourning Dove,7/27/2010,Pima Canyon
Verdin,7/27/2010,Pima Canyon

Pima Canyon    7/27/2010    Steve and I went in my truck. We went to the water tank and then back on the road. There was a couple from Baton Rouge that we talked to before we started hiking.

Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,8/26/2010,Pima Canyon,AT THE BT CLIFFS WITH THE OTHER BT
Black-throated Sparrow,8/26/2010,Pima Canyon,AT THE BT CLIFFS WITH THE OTHER BT
Curve-billed Thrasher,8/26/2010,Pima Canyon
Gambel's Quail,8/26/2010,Pima Canyon
Gilded Flicker,8/26/2010,Pima Canyon,two of them on a saguaro
House Finch,8/26/2010,Pima Canyon,Blood Red
Ladder-backed Woodpecker,8/26/2010,Pima Canyon,Nice view. Female.
Mourning Dove,8/26/2010,Pima Canyon

Pima Canyon    8/26/2010    It sure RAINED. I went at around 9:30 or so? I went up and set up my chair at the BT Cliffs. It was cool. Not hot at all. Overcast. No one in the arroyo. I studied Spanish for an hour or so reading the Myths and Legends book aloud at times. Then it started to rain. I had my raincoat and sat in the chair being pelleted by rain for forty-five minutes. I couldn't read well because I was afraid I'd get the book wet. The rain stopped and I stayed reading and studying for quite a long time. It's 2:30 now and I've only just got home. I went shopping afterwards though.

Abert's Towhee,11/17/2010,Pima Canyon
Anna's Hummingbird,11/17/2010,Pima Canyon
Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,11/17/2010,Pima Canyon,noisy
Cactus Wren,11/17/2010,Pima Canyon,he was up on the hill above the road kind of scolding a rock wren
Curve-billed Thrasher,11/17/2010,Pima Canyon,heard only
Gambel's Quail,11/17/2010,Pima Canyon
House Finch,11/17/2010,Pima Canyon
Mourning Dove,11/17/2010,Pima Canyon,not the first bird seen. Had to wait.
Rock Wren,11/17/2010,Pima Canyon,Nice views. Saw rock wrens at least THREE TIMES.
Verdin,11/17/2010,Pima Canyon
White-crowned Sparrow,11/17/2010,Pima Canyon,LOTS AND LOTS OF THESE.
Yellow-rumped Warbler,11/17/2010,Pima Canyon

Pima Canyon    11/17/2010    I went over to the Guitar Center and sold them my harmonizer. I only got seventy-five bucks for it, so maybe it was a mistake. I sold that switch for ten bucks. They got an awful good deal, but now I have some cash and I really didn't need those things. I have a gig and so I must practice. Jan Kegelman sent me seventy-five bucks from the "Ducks" who had got together to give me bread for playing and now I've got 75 and 85 and 50 from Erica, whose boy I taught and I done real well. Shoot, that's 2010 bucks. Now the gig is at the DownUnder Wine bar and if they love me, they'll invite me back for a paying gig. I get a couple of free beers. That will be on November 30, a Tuesday. Very exciting. On a sad note, Steve Orlen died yesterday. He had lung cancer I think.

Anna's Hummingbird,12/28/2010,Pima Canyon,heard only
Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,12/28/2010,Pima Canyon,heard only
Black-throated Sparrow,12/28/2010,Pima Canyon,In a bush. I heard him first.
Cactus Wren,12/28/2010,Pima Canyon,out in the parking lot when we came back
Curve-billed Thrasher,12/28/2010,Pima Canyon,heard only
House Finch,12/28/2010,Pima Canyon,nice red ones
Red-tailed Hawk,12/28/2010,Pima Canyon,flying high. Seemed dark.
Rock Wren,12/28/2010,Pima Canyon,Steve and I saw him. We had gone up that trail by the saguaro. The dusty white trail that leads to the hyerogliphics. The trailed I used to go with beer and go to the top of the mountain to drink it in 2004. WELL the wren was on a rock up there. NICE VIEW.
Say's Phoebe,12/28/2010,Pima Canyon,WAY WAY UP HIGH in the cliffs. He went to the top of a bush way up there.
Verdin,12/28/2010,Pima Canyon,seen and heard
White-crowned Sparrow,12/28/2010,Pima Canyon,Still a lot here.

Pima Canyon    12/28/2010    I took a pill. I had fun. Steve and I went, but not quite to the TANK. We ate ham sandwiches and oreos inthe wash. We wore levis. We went back on the road. Short walk really. I went back and talked to Nicaragua. THERE WAS AN ANIMAL TRAIL WHOSE PICTURE I TOOK.

Anna's Hummingbird,3/17/2011,Pima Canyon
Cactus Wren,3/17/2011,Pima Canyon
European Starling,3/17/2011,Pima Canyon
Gambel's Quail,3/17/2011,Pima Canyon
Mourning Dove,3/17/2011,Pima Canyon
Verdin,3/17/2011,Pima Canyon,MATING CALL and he was making a sound like a Bell's Vireo.

Pima Canyon    3/17/2011    I went and got my emissions test and passed to my surprise. Then I went with a cupon to get a 14.95 oil change and they said I had to have an appointment and I made one for two o'clock and since I was clean down at elliot and the I-10, I popped over to PIMA CANYON. I had left my guitar in the car. I just went down to the arroyo and came back in ten minutes or so. I passed Guitar Center on the way. Later I went and got the oil change and it took an hour, but it was cheap and they washed my car. Their lobby had Fox News on so I waited outside as I don't line up to drink Kool-aid. It's sickening that it's so common to see that filthy slander on and everyone listening to that poison. Makes you want to go and take a shower. Afterwards, I went and got some Grillers Prime for my new diet, and then I went to Whole Foods and had two beers as I attempted to read Billy Budd. Now I'm home watching news about the Nuclear Reactors, Tsunamis, and earthquakes in Japan. Scott and I are going to meet in Sedona and then go to a concert after which I'll go up to Flag for a few days. No Spanish speaking today as Skype seems to be down in Nicaragua.

Abert's Towhee,4/24/2011,Pima Canyon
Anna's Hummingbird,4/24/2011,Pima Canyon
Cactus Wren,4/24/2011,Pima Canyon,billed thr
Gambel's Quail,4/24/2011,Pima Canyon
Gila Woodpecker,4/24/2011,Pima Canyon
Great-tailed Grackle,4/24/2011,Pima Canyon
House Finch,4/24/2011,Pima Canyon
Mourning Dove,4/24/2011,Pima Canyon
Northern Mockingbird,4/24/2011,Pima Canyon
Phainopepla,4/24/2011,Pima Canyon
Townsend's Warbler,4/24/2011,Pima Canyon,Yes. What a surprise. Also to my surprise I found that two years ago in May rather than April I saw this bird in the same site.
Verdin,4/24/2011,Pima Canyon,MATING CALL
White-winged Dove,4/24/2011,Pima Canyon

Pima Canyon    4/24/2011    It's not exactly Pima Canyon, though. Went with the Atheist Meet-up group. It's Easter Sunday. We hiked from forty-sixth street up into the desert on the Javelina and Ridgeway trails. It was a lot of fun. A little hot. Later I had dinner at Steve's and ate too much turkey and taters. Afterwards, I went to THE SANDBAR BAR and hung out with the atheists for a couple of hours. Drank two beers. Al, the organizer of the hike, who has a bad knee and bad fingers had a 167-dollar bill. I happened to see it. He had two bottles of champagne that he shared and beers and after his big bill a new waiter came by and he ordered two margaritas. The atheists began to talk about a member who had left and who is socially quite weird. He's an Iraq war veteran and he grabs woman's wine glasses and drinks them and is weird. They're getting fed up with him although they know him quite well.

Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,5/26/2011,Pima Canyon,On the roat to the houses. INTREPID. You could walk right up to him. He was in a creosote bush on the side of the road.
Cactus Wren,5/26/2011,Pima Canyon,HUGE. Very long.
Curve-billed Thrasher,5/26/2011,Pima Canyon
Gambel's Quail,5/26/2011,Pima Canyon
House Finch,5/26/2011,Pima Canyon
Mourning Dove,5/26/2011,Pima Canyon
Northern Mockingbird,5/26/2011,Pima Canyon
Sage Thrasher,5/26/2011,Pima Canyon,ONLY HAVE SEEN THIS GUY ONCE BEFORE. He was in the arroyo in a tree. Very streaked breast.
White-winged Dove,5/26/2011,Pima Canyon

Pima Canyon    5/26/2011    Steve and I drove down and walked to the stone houses via the road. We walked back in the arroyo. I took a picture of a huge chuckwalla on a rock. He had an orange tail. Got the sage thrasher. No BT sparrows.

American Kestrel,6/7/2011,Pima Canyon,He was a male and stayed perched on a branch as we walked by on the higher trail going back. You know where the trail goes up on the way in and there's a saguaro there the way I used to go when I took time off when I stepped down as associate incompetent.
Anna's Hummingbird,6/7/2011,Pima Canyon
Ash-throated Flycatcher,6/7/2011,Pima Canyon
Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,6/7/2011,Pima Canyon
Canyon Towhee,6/7/2011,Pima Canyon
Curve-billed Thrasher,6/7/2011,Pima Canyon
Gambel's Quail,6/7/2011,Pima Canyon
Gila Woodpecker,6/7/2011,Pima Canyon
House Finch,6/7/2011,Pima Canyon
Northern Mockingbird,6/7/2011,Pima Canyon
Verdin,6/7/2011,Pima Canyon
White-winged Dove,6/7/2011,Pima Canyon

Pima Canyon    6/7/2011    Steve and I walked to the stone houses on the road and came back in the arroyo. We took that little bit of higher trail on the way back. Rather warm. Some people out there as it was still fairly early but plenty of parking. Drove back to my house.

Ash-throated Flycatcher,6/9/2011,Pima Canyon,In a tree by the parking lot. He went Purrrrr.
Curve-billed Thrasher,6/9/2011,Pima Canyon
Gambel's Quail,6/9/2011,Pima Canyon
Gila Woodpecker,6/9/2011,Pima Canyon
Northern Rough-winged Swallow,6/9/2011,Pima Canyon
Verdin,6/9/2011,Pima Canyon
White-winged Dove,6/9/2011,Pima Canyon

Pima Canyon    6/9/2011    Steve and I went up Desert Classic and over the mountain and down the trail and were soon at the ring of stones. We went to Grouping Hands Bookstore and Trafalgar Joe's. I bought a three-buck sixpack. It was hot. Not so many people there at all. Thought I saw a BT Gnat, but it might have been a verdin. We took my truck. Tonight I will pick Sally up at the airport at 8:14 PM.

Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,6/21/2011,Pima Canyon
Black-throated Sparrow,6/21/2011,Pima Canyon
Canyon Towhee,6/21/2011,Pima Canyon
Curve-billed Thrasher,6/21/2011,Pima Canyon
Gambel's Quail,6/21/2011,Pima Canyon
Gila Woodpecker,6/21/2011,Pima Canyon
Great-tailed Grackle,6/21/2011,Pima Canyon
Mourning Dove,6/21/2011,Pima Canyon
White-winged Dove,6/21/2011,Pima Canyon

Pima Canyon    6/21/2011    Steve and I walked up to the stone houses on the road and came back on the road. It was hot. I poured diet doctor pepper on my shirt. There was an older guy there from Maryland and he was an Audubon Society member but know absolutely nothing about birds. He had some dumb ideas like the black-throated sparrow was a house sparrow on account of the black breast. I went home and wrote in Spanish. There was some car parked in front of my house behind my cesto de basura that was blocking me partially from getting into my garage. He left after I wrote my my stories. I have a pumpkin growing out back. It's small and orange.

Ash-throated Flycatcher,6/23/2011,Pima Canyon,He was getting a drink from that pipe that comes out of the drinking fountain. The pipe is by the covered area but out in the desert a little by the trail they closed off. I saw a BT sparrow drinking there once.
Cactus Wren,6/23/2011,Pima Canyon
Canyon Towhee,6/23/2011,Pima Canyon
Curve-billed Thrasher,6/23/2011,Pima Canyon
Gila Woodpecker,6/23/2011,Pima Canyon
Mourning Dove,6/23/2011,Pima Canyon
White-winged Dove,6/23/2011,Pima Canyon

Pima Canyon    6/23/2011    Steve and I went in morning and it's now eleven ten and I'm back. It was HOT. Steve thought he saw a roadrunner on top of the BT cliffs but I think it was a cb thrasher. We didn't stop at the bookstore the way we did last time.

Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,7/2/2011,Pima Canyon,At Cactus Wren Alley. Two of them with a baby that was begging for food in a cave in the rocks. Also saw one at the BT CLIFFS.
Gambel's Quail,7/2/2011,Pima Canyon
Mourning Dove,7/2/2011,Pima Canyon

Pima Canyon    7/2/2011    Went because it was going to be 117 degrees. I brought tons of ice water and even some beer. It was too hot. Even pouring ice water over my head I was hot and tired. I didn't even make it to the water tank. Then a THUNDER head appeared and you could hear thunder. There were clouds and some wind. I went back. There were two guys who went up the road. One jogged all the way up and back. It was HOT! Only three birds even showed up. I FINISHED THE E & C BOOK TODAY. phurst draught.

Ash-throated Flycatcher,11/23/2011,Pima Canyon
Black-tailed Gnatcatcher,11/23/2011,Pima Canyon
Cactus Wren,11/23/2011,Pima Canyon
Curve-billed Thrasher,11/23/2011,Pima Canyon
Gambel's Quail,11/23/2011,Pima Canyon
Northern Mockingbird,11/23/2011,Pima Canyon
Phainopepla,11/23/2011,Pima Canyon
Verdin,11/23/2011,Pima Canyon
White-crowned Sparrow,11/23/2011,Pima Canyon
Yellow-rumped Warbler,11/23/2011,Pima Canyon

Elliot and Cooper Roads    11/23/2011    Today I will meet Scott and go to South Mountain but I don't have to mention that because it will be on the Pima Canyon bird list for today. I went to E&C early today. Talked to the fireman whose name I can't remember. He has the metal leg. He told me that a lady came by asking how to get rid of the coyotes. I want to get a taylor gs mini. Went to the dentist Monday and later near REI at that taco stand I bit my lip even though I was trying to be careful. Steve and I went to Tempe Schools Credit Union and got accounts so we can give Bank of America the bum's rush.
Pima Canyon    11/23/2011    Went with Scott Wagy and Henry. We went to the water tank.

Anna's Hummingbird,9/18/2012,Pima Canyon
Canyon Towhee,9/18/2012,Pima Canyon
Curve-billed Thrasher,9/18/2012,Pima Canyon
Gila Woodpecker,9/18/2012,Pima Canyon
House Finch,9/18/2012,Pima Canyon
House Sparrow,9/18/2012,Pima Canyon
MacGillivray's Warbler,9/18/2012,Pima Canyon
Northern Mockingbird,9/18/2012,Pima Canyon
Rock Wren,9/18/2012,Pima Canyon
Verdin,9/18/2012,Pima Canyon

Pima Canyon    9/18/2012    Gosh, I clean forgot to enter this one. Well, I'm putting it in now. Jan and I went. I didn't bring quite enough water and Jan wanted to keep hiking so we went clean up the arroyo and back on the National Trail I guess it was. No snakes.

Cactus Wren,3/16/2013,Pima Canyon
Curve-billed Thrasher,3/16/2013,Pima Canyon
Gambel's Quail,3/16/2013,Pima Canyon
Mourning Dove,3/16/2013,Pima Canyon
Northern Mockingbird,3/16/2013,Pima Canyon
Verdin,3/16/2013,Pima Canyon,mating call
White-crowned Sparrow,3/16/2013,Pima Canyon

Generic Place Anywhere    3/16/2013    No Notes Entered
Pima Canyon    3/16/2013    I drove down to Guadalupe to get some Spanish comic books. I went in one place and asked and the woman was that Susana from the Spanish Meet-up Group. This was in Tianguis. Not much happening in there. Then I just drove over to Pima Canyon and walked a while. I took two rusted beer cans which I guess I should return for the sake of aniquities of the desert. I used duct tape, but the damned batteries fell out anyway. I went to Fry's electronics to see if my cable for the Line6 Backtrack was busted. It wasn't. They had products advertised on TV.

Curve-billed Thrasher,10/1/2013,Pima Canyon
House Finch,10/1/2013,Pima Canyon,HEARD ONLY
Mourning Dove,10/1/2013,Pima Canyon
Northern Mockingbird,10/1/2013,Pima Canyon
Verdin,10/1/2013,Pima Canyon

Pima Canyon    10/1/2013    I had to take an injured Gila woodpecker to the east valley wildlife folks to take care of, so I went here while I was at it. Afterwards I went to the Huss Brewery which had once been long ago the Rio Saldo Brewery and where I used to go after hikes on Mineral street and since somebody told me it was open I went and I drank two beers. Oh, it was a long time ago when I used to go there.
2125 North Villas Lane    10/1/2013    No Notes Entered
White-winged Dove,6/5/2016,Pima Canyon
Curve-billed Thrasher,6/5/2016,Pima Canyon

Pima Canyon    6/5/2016    I entered this nov 26 of 16 as it wasn't in here!
White-winged Dove,6/5/2016,Pima Canyon
Curve-billed Thrasher,6/5/2016,Pima Canyon

Pima Canyon    6/5/2016    I entered this nov 26 of 16 as it wasn't in here!