These are the songs I play at gigs.

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1. Wahoo!  1936 Key of Bb
2. It Don't Mean a Thing  1931 Key of E minor
3. I Can't Believe You're in Love With Me 1926 Key of Eb
4. I Want Somebody It's a Sin to Tell a Lie 1936 Key of A or G
5. Exactly Like You 1930
6. Write Myself a Letter 1935 Key of G
7. Sleepytime Down South 1931 Key of C
8. Dream a Little Dream of Me 1931 Key of G
9. My Buddy 1922 Key of G, then Ab
10. Happy Cowboy 1938? Key of A
11. You Darlin' Key of C
12. Pennies From Heaven  1936 Key of Bb
13. The Way You Look Tonight 1936 Key of F
14. I'll See You in My Dreams 1924 Key of F
15. Dance With Who Brung You
16. Blue Bonnet Lady
17. Down the Trail to San Antone Key of F
18. Sunny Side of the Street 1930 Key of A/Bb
19. All of Me 1931 Key of Bb
20. Loveless Love  1926 Key of Bb
21. Beale Street Blues 1916 Key of G
22. Don't Be Ashamed of Your Age
23. What Would I Do Without You Key of A
24. You Don't Know Me 1955 Key of Bb
25. It's a Paper Moon 1933 Key of G
26. Go Get Yourself Another Fool 1947 Key of Eb
27. I'm in the Mood for Love 1935 Key of Bb (But C is easier to     sing for me. Either one.)
28. Without a Song  1929 Key of Eb
29. Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down Key of C
30. Old Faithful Key of E
31. Idaho Key of E
32. Santa Fe Trail Key of E
33. Texas to a T Key of Eb
34. As Soon as the Round-Up's Through Key of C
35. If I Didn't Have You Key of F
36. Blue Shadows Key of E
37. Texas Echo Key of E
38. Lulu's Back in Town circa 1935 Key of D
39. Ain't Misbehavin' 1929 Key of C
40. Riding Down the Canyon Key of G
41. Take Me in Your Arms Key of D
42. Ragtime Cowboy Joe 1912 Key of A
43. Smiles Key of G
44. When You're Smilin' 1929 Key of G
45. Tree in the Meadow  1948 Key of E
46. Boots and Saddle  1937 Key of E
47. Arms of My Love Key of E
48. Carry Me Back to the Key of G
49. Green Door Key of C
50. Don't Knock the Rock Key of C
51. San Antonio Rose 1938 Key of A
52. Miss Molly Key of G
53. Tuxedo Junction 1940 Starts in Key of  G, Ab, A
54. Back in the Saddle 1939 Key of D
55. Jingle Jangle 1942
56. Bye-Bye Blackbird 1926 Key of G
57. Sheik of Araby 1921 Key of G
58. Deep Water 1947 Key of G
59. Roly Poly1946 Key of G
60. Underneath the Bamboo Tree Key of G
61. Don't Fence Me in  1934 Key of Eb
62. Lucky Old Sun 1949 Key of D
63. Miss Otis Regrets 1934 Key of Eb
64. Cool Water 1936 Key of D
65. Rambling Rose 1948 Key of A
66. Crazy 1961 Key of F
67. Smoke That Cigarette 1947 Key of A
68. How Does He Yodel? Key of E
69. Let's Do It 1928 Key of Bb
70. Julia Key of G
71. Stardust  1927 Key of C
72. L. O. V. E 1965 Key of G
73. Slow Boat to China 1948 Key of Bb
74. Everyone Says I Love You 1932 Key of Bb
75. Here's to These Good Times Key of F
76. Prairie Lullaby Key of F

78. If You Ever Need A Fool Key of G
79. Hey, Mr Heartache Key of E
80. I've Got The Goods On You Key of G
81. Beer Song Key of A
82. Even The Sky's Got The Blues Key of C
83. Down By The Riverside Key of C
84. Flip Side of Love Key of F
85. Nothing Left to Do But Cry Key of F
86. Never More to Be Key of D
87. Lorelei! Key of Ab
88. Hey! Lorelei (Maybe It's Time You Gave Your Heart away) Key of C
89. Being Your Baby Key of A
90. Dreams at Night Key of Bb
91. Got a Feeling I'll Be Lonely Tonight

TADO (To Do)
92. Just across the Alley from the Alamo
93. If I had you
94. She's Killin' Me
95. Just across the Alley from the Alamo
96. I'm an Old Cowhand
97. South Of the Border
98. Pokey Laredo
99. Not That I Care
100. Cowboy Song
101. Cowboy Jubilee
102. Little Liza Jane
103. C'mon Kid
104. Hide It Away
105. Zoot Suit
106. You've Got a Friend In Me
107. I Still Can't Say Good-Bye
108. Skyball Paint
109. Happy Trails
110. I've Got Rhythm
111. Our Love Is Here to Stay
112. There'll be Some Changes Made
113. After You've Gone (See Hotclub Of Cowtown Version)
114. I Wanna Be Around
115. Do I Worry
116. You've Got a Friend In Me"
117. This Could Be the Start Of Something Big,I'm Just a Gigalo!