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1. ...about how cedar waxwings become harbingers of death whenever they get drunk on fermented berries and fall from the trees.
2. ...about how the discoverer of the fossil Lucy may have snubbed me.
3. ...about a guy from California who knew exactly how people in Norway felt in WWII.
4. ...about how I found of picture of myself and then a movie of it being taken.
5. ...about how a woman earned my everlasting hatred by making fun of my knapsack.
6. ...about how I went to a place that no longer exists.
7. ...about how I saved the lives of hundreds of ducks.
8. ...about how my postcard pinned to a wall was lost in a house fire and how I corresponded with a woman who told me she had its original artwork of it on her wall.
9. ...about how for fifteen years I wrote a note each time a certain bird tweeted a certain way and found they do it only from January to June.
10. ...about the saying"Tis a lesson you should heed, try try try again. If at first you don't succeed, try, try, try again."
11. ...about a girl who had a stroke and treated its effects with beer.
12. ...about how my dad drowned my pet rat.
13. ...about ghostly pigeons.
14. ...about how Eddie Basha was a surprisingly true progressive and a surprisingly bad art critic.
15. ...about how a friend of mine believes an angel entered her spine and that she can communicate with it with others for health benefits for all concerned.
16. ...about how a Jesus Freak gave me a double dose of knock-out gas to give me amnesia.
17. ...about how I broke the head of my humerus clean off.
18. ...about how I corresponded with a famous actress.
19. ...about mountain lions walked around our house.
20. ...about how a doctor set my father's arm after saying, "I say, is that a crow?"
21. ...about how I mistakenly thought the artist Paul Klee used to draw the contours of cinder cones.
22. ...about Indians who turned to stone can still easily be seen on top of a mountain.
23. ...about how a Malaysian publishing house published my dad's book and didn't pay him.
24. ...about how my brother made a time machine and saw a pterodactyl.
25. ...about how I went into someone's house and looked all around.
26. ...about how I found a video in which I imagined I saw a cockroach in the hospital recovery room.
27. ...about how a yeti disemboweled and ate a man in Minnesota.
28. ...about how a bear got a beaver to cut down a tree for him so he could kill the man who had climbed it.
29. ...about how my mom stood guard with a 30-30 at the age of sixteen so her dad could poach a deer.
30. ...about how the ghosts of dead children walked out of a wall.
31. ...about a haunted hockey stick.
32. ...about how a ghost stole a book from my dad's friend.
33. ...about people who can't play guitar but who build guitars for fun.
34. about how a dog played dead whenever he heard the name Mussolini.
35. about the orange that I rescued from 70 years of imprisonment in a seabag.
36. about a planet covered with garbage.
37. about tiny horses that never existed.